Bad Girls Club New Orleans: New Girl Cheyenne Is Tired Of Being Around “Black People” [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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  • Westside cutie!!!!!

    Making a mountain out of a mole hill…… I didn’t take offense to what she said, as a matter of fact I totally understood where she was coming from! I took it as she’s not use to the type of clubs they go to, and she doesn’t date black guys, that’s her preference! My question is if the tables were turned and it was a black chick saying what Cheyenne was saying would they be trippin’! I’m just saying! Some white people don’t date outside they’re race just like some black stay within’ they’re race! It’s all about ur preference and she prefers bars instead of clubs and non- black men! I’m black and I’m sorry, I just didn’t think it was a big deal! IMO!

  • You Stupid

    I agree and I don’t blame her.

  • nah boo

    I understand what she meant. It’s the way she worded it that made it sound racist. Hmmm….blame it on the alcohol?

  • black men

    Well every white chick does not want to date a black guy despite popular belief. Only of they have money…

  • Cush33

    If u saw the episode u would know that they told her she can go to whatever club she wanted to. She said no I don’t want to go by myself. Well u either follow the crowd or stay ur azz at home.

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