Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Forbes Magazine Releases It’s Top Ten Highest Paid Women Of 2010-2011

- By Bossip Staff
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Ball so hard muhfuggas wanna fine me! This isht cray!

Forbes has released their list of highest paid women from May 2010 to May 2011! Obviously the usual suspects make an appearance, Beyonce, Oprah, Gaga, but there are definitely some surprises listed that even WE didn’t believe!

Flip through the following pages and see how much gwap these balleriffic broads stacked!

Danielle Steel

$35 Million

Beyonce Knowles-Carter

$35 Million

Katy Perry

$44 Million

Taylor Swift

$45 Million

Judge Judy

$45 Million

Ellen Degeneres

$45 Million

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    Gisele Bundchen

    $45 Million

    Bethenny Frankel

    $55 Million

    Lady Gaga

    $90 Million

    Oprah Winfrey

    $290 Million

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    • Miss_Understood

      Good for them! I’m surprised Bethhenny Frankel making that much dough, I know Jill and them is sick! Lol…I wonder what Kanye would say about Taylor Swift making 10 milli more than Bey.

    • Sleepy

      She made that without touring or new music. This was before ‘4’ dropped and back when Bossip was still saying it was a flop.

    • Jackie

      Beyonce is a bad bitch didnt have to work the whole year and made 35 million

    • lolita

      ^ Funny b/c I was thinking the same thing. Bey been out longer than a few of those chicks. *smh* just goes to show you…

    • ummm!

      I don’t believe this shit bc beyonce did absolutely nothing and she made that much they r lying bc to make beyawnce seem relevant,and queen riri is doing all this work but she’s not on the list? That’s a dame lie!

    • gigi

      Rihanna has some powerful endorsements but to be on this list she would need a label or a clothing line or write music or marry a boss lol. Beyonce toured for a year and still made bank because she has so many other things going on that her name is attached to. I was surprised not to see rihanna on the list though I must say!

    • Jackie

      Rhianna only made 22 million and she tour and had endorsement, but she dont make the same type of money Beyonce makes. She will never be the King Bee. Rhianna cant even sing or dance she looks like a dog in the face.

    • Jak

      Ri made 29 million this year thats just a 6million diffrence and ri is just 23 years old bey been n the game she 30 years old ri doing her thing and she got cake to be young bey wasnt making that much at 23

    • Natasha

      I hate list like this. Here I am, waking up everyday at 5 a.m. In the morning, catching 3 bus to go to school; work at a dead end job that have not given a raise to their employees going on 4yrs, when they used to its like 5-20 cent. Living in a small efficiency with only 2 burners, a small refrigerator, causing me $500 ea. Month, hardly able to. Counting on food stamps for next meals. My problrms don’t end there but I’ll stop. This is why I stop buying albums long time ago, dvds, magazines, etc. Because these people only get richer as time goes on. I hate the list because its unconsiderate of the poor. I Don’t want no crappy signed autograps that can’t help me out. ya’ll its so hard out there…very hard. My friend put 10-20 job applications a day, still nothing.


      Can we stop using the term, “MAKING IT RAIN ON THEM HOES “! CHANGE IS GOOD!

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    • Divaish

      Natasha u should just kill urself…

    • capriiluv

      Love it they should be…. Too long have been gettin paid the big bucks! They work harder, they get paid even harder!!! Follow me on Twitter @ Capriiluv!!!!

    • Kimikim

      I feel ya Natasha. That’s real life shit and it’s not a game

    • devotee86

      I had to post this sumwhere…STEVE JOBS has died…I said it first on bossip!!!! Clock me in

    • Kwathy37

      I want to know why your language is so offensive when you identify your articles. Don’t you know that the excessive use of offensive language is a sign of a weak mind trying to express itself. I could still enjoy reading the articles without you calling people hoes and mutha—-s.

    • Anonymous

      The reason y Beyonce is on the list as oppose to Rihanna is for one, although Rihanna has put out several songs and albums, Beyonce has way more endorsements. Her name is linked 2 so many things from Loreal 2 Covergirl 2 clothing lines, fragances, even Vizio tv’s.

    • NolaNick

      @Natasha hang in there hopefully things will get better for you. Many people are in the same situation. It’s tough out there, but keep your head up, boo.

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      […] of highest paid women from May 2010 to May 2011! Obviously the usual suspects make an appearance, Beyonce, Oprah, Gaga, but there are definitely some surprises listed that even WE didn’t […]

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