Are The Basketball Wives Of L.A. Jealous Of Draya Michele?: In This Bonus Clip The Women Seem Envious Of Draya’s ‘Pole Skills’ [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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  • truth hurts

    They not really jealous of her but these older women are jealous of her youth.. something they will never have again

  • S.J.

    I’d say the only trully jealous one is Laura. She’s trying to bully her around and I will be so glad if/when Draya stands up to her. Malaysia showed her tail that she couldnt pick on her, so she decided to pick on the next smaller person. Draya should do her and forget about those other hoes. Because that’s what they are.. Ex-hoes. I wouldn’t put it past them if they still are.

  • CB

    I totally agree with u. Laura is jealous because at this time during taping, her kids father had just LEFT HER & her 4 kids with no explanation. She’s bitter because she’s FAT & in need of some attention….now I DO believe that Draya is guilty of child endangerment, she did all of those things to her son to run behind Chris Brown & other celebs but it’s none of their business!!! They’re just mad because their time is up & no ball player would ever want them now!!!

  • mycalah

    Why is Laura trying to help Imani find a man when she does not have a man herself? I would not want someone trying to find me a man when they are not in a successful relationship themselves.

    And why is Jackie crying because her 18 yr old daughter kissed a guy. The realist (if that’s even a word :-). ) person on the show is her daughter. Now I would like to see more of her bc she was looking like she thought her mom was full of it.


    Of course these women are jealous of Draya. It’s actually quite pathetic. The girl keeps feeling like she has to explain herself when she really doesn’t. Report is inaccurate. There was never a statement taken from her child. If it were true, why would the reporter who first broke the story gotten fired? Whether she had the charges or not, theses miserable bytches would find any reason to persecute her. Yes she used to strip get over it! She’s making her money modeling and now launching a bikini line. Rather than choosing the life of living off of others, aka a jump off, a h03. What’s interesting is Imani straight up said on the show that she left her kids with their dad. Her excuse was “its their dad”. Sounds like abandonment to me. Furthermore, she claimed she left home at 14. Where did you go? How did you provide for yourself financially at 14? Lets not forget Imani you lied about your age to your husband and refused to sign a prenup because you’re a liar. Jackie is too d@mn old to be so messy. It was interesting to see her deflect from answering the question about asking the other women if Draya should come to her wedding by stating she would knock someone the phuck out because shes crazy about her husband. Its no secret that Jackie is a walking talking poster child for insecurity. She used to follow the bus of her husbands team, request that only male reporters interview her husband. Has gotten into many altercations with several women behind her husband. She was constantly at practice. Shes not only admitted to all of this and has been seenon tv acting a fool. These broads have too much time on their hands to sit around and hold daily conferences about one woman.


    One more thing, if Draya supposedly was talking about Laura and her children, why didn’t she confront Draya prior to going to MMA? Especially if she feels so strongly about her children as she claims? That story wasn’t adding up especially since we haven’t seen Laura interact with her children on the show. It just seems like they’re picking on her. Theyre attempts to make Draya look bad keeps back firing.

  • nikkislim

    The answer to your question Bossip is YES. Let me tell you why.
    Jackie: old, greasy, fat, out of shape, and what’s going on with her neck?
    Laura: ugly, shaped like a linebacker, broke, man left her with all dem kids.
    Gloria: just plain ugly.
    Imani: jacked weave, no shape, lied for years to a dude and got busted on day of and left standing at the alter.

    These funky bytches need to leave her alone. One wonders why the only topic is Draya. The girl is pretty. Got a banging, cellulite free body, her own hair. These skanks know if she ever met there dudes and if she wanted to, she could get their men.

    Jackie is only 41 and looks old as fuk. Besides that she’s too old to be so messy. She’s gonna run up flappin her lips at the wrong female and get her azz handed to her. Bet she will never get at Malaysia wrong. Those LBC sistas will fold her like a piece of paper.

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  • AJA

    Are you kidding me?!? They should’ve called it, The Hate On Draya Cuz I Ain’t Draya Show. Jackie is scared that Draya, or somebody like Draya, is gon’ take her man. Laura is mad cuz she’ll never look like Draya. Imani is mad cuz Draya has the youth she wishes she still had. Malaysia and Gloria are just trying to steer clear of the wrath that is Jackie. If I were Draya I’d have to just sit back and smile, because you can’t negotiate with hate.

  • jlt

    First off with the exception of Malaysia it is evident that this is pure jealousy. The police report seems to be fake and due to the law juvenile records are considered sealed and confidential and wouldn’t list her son on a police report for the public to see. These women need to stop hating and follow draya to the gym!

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