For The Stans: Miss “I’m Not A Role Model” RihRih “Not Swagger-Jacking” BeyBey In Vogue

- By Bossip Staff

We knew this was coming. As soon as we saw Rihanna’s rooftop Vogue spread we knew fans would be comparing the images to similar artwork Beyonce used for her most recent album. And sure enough, the same Twitter fan who pointed out how Rih’s pajama clad stroll on her Fasano hotel balcony mimicked Bey’s from earlier this year, also had something to say about the Vogue shoot:

The caption reads:

In this photo: @Beyonce (King B, Boss B, Bionic B, Mrs. Carter)@rihanna (Rihpeat Rihgress Rihcycle Rihdundant Rihaha)

@rihanna… this sh*t right here is why MOST @Beyonce fans don’t like you.

So what do you think??? Obviously they’re not carbon copies but the poses and wardrobe are enough alike to make a case for biting. And while creative directors and photographers clearly deserve some of the blame for this, Rih-Rih doesn’t get off easily, especially since her last Vogue shoot included an image that looked as if it were copied right off a BeyBey tour poster:

Still, if there’s one thing Bey doesn’t have to worry about Rihanna copying, it’s her role model status. In her Vogue interview Rih goes into her usual spiel about how tough it is that people have such high expectations for her:

“See, people … they want me to be a role model just because of the life I lead. The things I say in my songs, they expect it of me, and [being a role model] became more of my job than I wanted it to be,”

SMH. Poor thang.

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  • lol!

    Lol they kinda look a like but I don’t think she jacking,idk I can’t say really but these stans(on both side) be acting cray,I understand y bey’s stans go off and I can understand y rih’s stans do that some times!

  • UmmmmHmmmmm

    Rihanna fans can’t even lie on this one, the poses are wayyyyy too similar to be a coincidence and I aint even a stan like that. Its probs not Rihannas fault and the photographers idea to shoot it like that but still.. Toooo similar

  • Mila

    Lol,well you don’t say.I like both Bey and Rhi,but the similarities are way to uncanny.Where is the originality?

  • Rihcycle lmao

    Lmao @ rihpeat rihdundant rihgress rihcycle….funniest ish I’ve seen today

  • Lol siley face

    Those pics r jus alike but beyonce did it better and she did it be4

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