Bolitics: Herman “Greater Than Godfather’s Pizza” Cain Stands By Comments That Blacks Are Brainwashed And Continues To Shyte On Obama

- By Bossip Staff

Herman Cain continues to stand by his unpopular comments that Black voters are brainwashed and not open to the conservative alternative.

He defended last week’s remarks on “brainwashing” in an interview with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Thursday:

“I did not insult the intelligence of all black Americans,” the new GOP frontrunner told MSNBC. “I insulted the attitude of those that will not consider an alternate idea.” He also said black voters “did not consider my statement insulting because a lot of them are thinking for themselves.”

Previously, the Republican presidential candidate said African-Americans voters have been “brainwashed” into voting for Democrats by “not even considering a conservative point of view.”

That comment didn’t sit well with the African American community. Though Cain played down the comment and hit back.

“Now, if they want to talk about insulting, they need to look at the president when he talks to the Congressional Black Caucus and insulted black people, in my opinion, by telling them to take off their slippers and put on their marching boots when he has had nothing but failed policies,” said Cain.

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Boy this guy likes talking in circles!

And in related news, Herman Cain supporters have been moanin’and groanin’ about his role as CEO of Godfather’s Pizza overshadowing his many other accomplishments, such as being past chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and the chairman of the National Commission of Economic Growth and Tax Reform, as well as hosting his own talk radio show.

We don’t care what jobs held, he’s still full of baloney!!!


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  • gina

    The Great White….Undertaker Cain! As Chairman of the Federal Reserved you had to be in on the “big theft”. Northwest, Southwest and midwest white folks dont like Cain

  • Christielove1468

    That black fool Cain is sure going to be in for a rude awakening soon,he is a big discredit to our race!

  • mike

    Blacks do get brainwashed easily, if they didn’t they wouldn’t dream of joining gangs. They wouldn’t give respect to losers that go in and out of jail. Any race that glorifies going to jail is lame and when all u look up to is rappers, pimps, gangbangers and athletes you have to be simple minded. smh pdiddy says drink ciroc and niccas can’t stop yelling ciroc. smdh simple minded wish blacks spent as much time studying as they do on twitter every every nicca would have a masters then.

  • team nymphis


    Ding ding ding ding ding…we have a winner!!!!
    And we’ve been brainwashed to hate our noses, hair, skin, and everything else that makes us who we are.


    @ Mike so you’ve spoken to every black person on the face of the planet to come up with that irrational theory? Not all black people are ignorant, close minded, have false idols such as rappers and athletes. There are white people who don’t support the conservative view point as well. Sometimes the conservative view point isn’t in line with ones lively hood, priorities, beliefs ect.

  • gina

    …but black people that deal with reality and understand that there is a higher power acknowledge it and they move forward. Y’all gotta leave “dem” kind along…they are who they want to be and will be for generations.

    White folks have set a standard and published the bogus numbers. Please look around you! They have brought in just as deep on messing up their bodies. There are alot of black folks on twitter with degrees…I have a MSW 🙂 Everyday, I see the white folks reality …..they are doing crazzy bad stuff too….that meth, coke and Rx….omg……self mutilating and all kinds weird stuff.

    Black folks don’t usually kiss their dogs, they keep their children against all odds, will share whatever they have to eat “a pot of beans” with anybody who said they are hungry. And if all they have is a hut they will let you in until you get on your feet….put your azz out for clowning. And we have been known by God’s grace alone to rise above all life’s indignities! Uncle and “dem” will come fix that hole in the roof….and don’t hide “special” lil Eddie he will be at the BBQ (everybody looks out for him). Education …lawdy we got mega geds & degrees in “da hood and on capital hill”. Y’all need to stay away from the “dem other kind of black folks” before y’all get sucked in!

  • rigch

    Smh a5 other kind of black folks. Do u see the white supremacist ideology u speak. Wit ur degree u should know that’s the divide and conquer im with u mr white man im not one of those ne6gros and isa bring u all the good ne6ro. I bet ur sororitied up. Your with that BOULE. I suggest y’all research the BOULE and ull find its the black sororities and fraternities. I cosign team nymphis read her post them read gains last sentence

  • gina

    Nymphis, and everybody

    Its still trolling and more ignorant than ever. That thang is hoe block bound hiding behind the black mystic and generational right to poverty…lol. Yea, its the kind that just can’t move forward…..attacking. Jailbird playing…you stuck….lol

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  • Smh

    Well we have 2 strong and educated black men in very prominent positions. What do we do? We $hot on both. The president said some pretty nasty things to the black cacus, which would mean many blacks aren’t feeling him. BOSSIP really isn’t feeling Cain, but you guys were not feeling him before he opened his mouth. Could it be because he was a black republican? So instead of bringing black folks together, keep up with helping whitey divide and conquer us BOSSIP. You guys should be supporting both of these black men and let them be judged by their own actions and character. I bet whitey is proud of you guys.

  • gina

    Herm was on. JLeno last night….SUPERCOONING. In response to Palin calling him flavor of the month he said he is “black walnut long lasting taste creamy and thick”….the audience went silent…lol. Touting his fast food executive experience …lol….he will not be able to deal with billion policy and procedure memos, emails or the acronyms government agencies issue every 2 hours.

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