RihRih Hits The Club With Studly Dudley In London And Tells Vogue She Loves The C-Word

- By Bossip Staff

We didn’t even think this guy liked broads. SMH. Rihanna was photographed in London leaving Mahiki Club in Mayfair with her “We Found Love” boo Dudley O’Shaughnessy. Are you feelin’ her plaid fur and Tupac bandana getup?

Such a lovely farhead…

And the quotes continue to trickle down from RihRih’s Vogue feature. The latest addresses all the brouhaha over that C-word [starts with C and rhymes with punt] necklace she be wearing in churches and stuff, and why she loves the word so much:

“That word is so offensive to everyone in the world except for Bajans. You know African-Americans use the N-word to their brothers? Well, that’s the way we use the C-word. When I first came here, I was saying it like it was nothing, like, ‘Hey, c**t,’ until my makeup artist finally had to tell me to stop. I just never know.”

We never knew that c*** was such an important part of Bajan culture. SMH.

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  • meme

    He looks like he could be her brother. He’s not cute ….not even alittle bit. And I don’t know why people call him a Chris brown lookalike……not even close Rihanna. The hair and lightskin is all they have in common.

  • Blue Moon

    Lmaooo “hey c*nt” this girl is trying so hard to tread farrr from the “role model” ppl “expect” her 2 be. You’ve made ur point rhi rhi we get it..she’s funny

  • Christielove1468

    Dudley sure aint cute at all,he looks like a cyborg from that Terminator movie. Rihanna could do much better!

  • Mila

    Yes he definitely is not cute..but I guess its payback for when Chris was dating Jasmine Saunders who for sure looked like Rihanna!!I actually have met her before and was with her for the better part. Of the night and could never figure out what she looked like untill I left!The resemblance is uncanny..especially from different angles.

  • Oh Really

    Lol she’s funny “hey c*nt!” Lmaoooo That’s not part of the bajan culture. This girl is so silly

  • CiCi & CoCo-The Besties

    He’s really ugly lol. Eeps

  • CiCi&CoCo-TheBesties

    He’s really ugly

  • LisaLuvless

    Lol@ the terminator comment.
    I’m going to have to agree though,he looks nothin like Fist
    Brown…but dudes a boxer,it might just end the same.

  • drankinmycup

    Why iz she tryna hide her face wit her hands…we see the tattoo rihanna :/

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