Jesus Take The Wheel: Colorado Senator Only Pays $268 Fine After Killing A Woman By Driving On The Wrong Side Of The Street

- By Bossip Staff

Fawking ridiculous…SMH

Last December, Williams was driving a 2010 Honda CRV on U.S. Highway 385 near Amarillo with her grown son and two grandchildren in the car.

Investigators said the Honda drifted into the oncoming lane of traffic, colliding with a 2003 GMC Yukon driven by an Amarillo man. The man’s wife, Brianna “Brie” Gomez, 30, was a passenger in the SUV.

Gomez was flown to Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo, where an emergency cesarean section was performed. Gomez was pronounced dead after her baby boy was delivered. The premature infant, Curran Blaec Gomez, weighed just 3 pounds at birth. He survived. He now weighs about 18 pounds.

Williams’ son, Todd Williams, and his 3-year-old son were ejected from the vehicle. They were seriously injured.

“While on scene Suzanne (Williams) told me that no one had been ejected from her vehicle and that everyone was extracted from the vehicle by rescue … Suzanne failed to inform me of the truth of the events that had taken place before anyone arrived on scene,” a state trooper said in an offense report obtained by the Amarillo Globe-News newspaper.

Investigators determined that Williams picked up her 3-year-old grandson from the highway and placed him in a child safety seat inside her car before emergency help arrived.

“All of the facts and circumstances were covered, and the grand jury determined no charges were to be brought,” said District Attorney David Green. Green told the newspaper the facts did not add up to criminal negligence.

Not only were no charges brought up, but the “fine” that Senator Williams paid was a slap in the face to the victims family.

A prosecutor says the Colorado state senator involved in a crash that killed a pregnant woman in the Texas Panhandle last year has pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of driving on the wrong side of the road.

Sen. Suzanne Williams paid a $200 fine and $68 in court costs, according to Hartley County Attorney Shane Turner. The Amarillo Globe-News reported Friday that Texas law allowed for the dismissal of two seat-belt citations against Williams.

When 7NEWS contacted her at her home on Friday night, Williams did not wish to comment.
“The case is over, that is not something I want to talk about,” Williams said.

We bet you don’t wanna talk about it beyotch! You ought to be in prison somewhere with your lyin’ a$$!!!


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  • rigch

    U see what I keep saying about this white supremacist based judicial system. But you stay loyal and think u can change something about it cuz most are to scared or lazy. Im sure there will be a footlong paragraph with someone trying to dispute truth.

  • Christielove1468

    I dont know how in the heck can that bitch sleep at night knowing that she took an innocent life away;leaving her child motherless and her husband a widower. Not only should Suzanne Williams had done prison time,she should had paid the victim’s family a settlement and a formal apology for her act. Suzanne will never have no good luck.Our judicial system is so screwed up!

  • gina

    Mr. GOMEZ…..are still a “white hispanic”???

  • G

    The baby could not have been strapped in the car seat. Child endangerment & lying 2 an officer r charges that could stick. The victim would win a civil case. Criminal IDK?


    RIP to the deceased…

    This reminds me of STEPHEN KING’s ‘Thinner’…Justice was not done because of status….but Karma will prevail.

  • Smileyface

    This is complete BS another fact why our judicial system is F**ked, completly over it who the f**k do they think there fooling with that sh*t. Anybody who keeps up with current events knows this senator should have a harsher punishment then some chump change( comparing to what her salary is) I’m moving to Canada !

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