Kimmy Cakes Doofus Hubby Wants Her Barefoot In The Kitchen Of His Minnesota Lake House With A Gut Full Of Unemployed Baller

- By Bossip Staff

We actually feel sorry for this guy. Kim Kardashian’s new hubby Kris Humphries somehow missed the memo that he has signed up for a lifetime of celebrity attention sloring.

The baller, whose current contract is up in the air thanks to the NBA lockout, has been vocal about his distaste for the luxury lifestyle and limelight that Kim treasures and instead has been trying to encourage her to move with him to his “little place” in the Midwest and start popping big-headed green-eyed octoroons from her platinum poon. SMH

Kim Kardashian has only been married for a little over a month, but husband Kris Humphries is already planning to start their family.

In a new clip from E!’s two-night wedding special,”Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event,” the New Jersey Nets player, 26, is seen urging his new wife to start settling down and having babies after they tie the knot.

“Maybe you should just move to Minnesota with me,” Humphries says to Kardashian. “We could move into my little place on the lake, we could just start popping out babies.”

Humphries doesn’t hide the fact that he isn’t a fan of his new paparazzi-plagued lifestyle, and even Kardashian is worried about how the increased attention could affect her NBA beau.

“This hectic-ness is only getting worse,” said Kardashian, 30. “[I know] the attention definitely stresses Kris out and I’m nervous to see how that’s going to go.”

Though Kardashian has frequently talked about settling down and having kids on her show, she’s not planning to do that any time soon.

On Friday, the reality star appeared on the “Today Show” and opened up about the possibility of starting a family with Humphries.

“I think I’m going to wait a little bit,” she said. “We’re definitely going to wait at least a year, just because we don’t even know where he’s going to be playing, so we have no idea where we’re living. I think we have to figure that out first before we have babies.”

Translation: Let’s milk this cow while we can and if he doesn’t land a good NBA gig I’m on to the next before ruining my cashtastic cakes for this guy.


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  • ???

    Wow! “octoroons” Seriously, WTF Bossip!!

  • Toby

    Technically, their children would be quadroons.

  • gina

    And….in America everything that ain’t white is black…..when you get 90% white blood y’all can be real white folks

    By all means wait until hubby job is S8T and give it at least a year maybe 2 before children enjoy each other

  • Meme

    Sounds like a divorce in the making. I see it before I see the babies. He should’ve known what he was getting before he got married. He better enjoy it and get that Kardashian fame and money before he leaves.

  • Anna

    In that conversation Kim said: “the reason I fell in love with u was cuz I thought u can handle my lifestyle”. Wow… He just might get tired of famewhoring eventually…

  • CJ

    Lol… Bossip did you all get kicked off the Kardashian payroll?? You all are finally admitting she’s nothing but a whore for fame, money, and attention?? Wow, next you’ll be telling us that her butt is fake, she has NO talent, and she’s spent most of her fortune on plastic surgery. The sad part is, he seems to really he blind about what he has gotten himself in to. She’s made more than enough money to afford a great lifestyle for herself, him and any children they have. The only reason for her to want to wait is so that she can see if he is going to continue to bring in an NBA check. He should have ran for the hills when her mom asked him how a Black man got green eyes. I know quite a few Black men with green eyes. SMH

  • Layla

    All Kim talked about was having a baby, and being pregnant at the same time as her sisters. Now that Kris ain getting paid, she wants to wait?! Kimmy face facts, you will always be the breadwinner in that relationship. Your goofy husband is a dud. How you from Reggie to that?! Talk about a downgrade.

  • Peaches

    She is the most biggest hoe and thats all I have to say

  • ask about me

    Why is she famous again? Must be nice to have millions doing nothing. I feel bad for dude….come on man….Kims fur burger has been around. There’s no way any smart guy would consider marring this chic. Ohhhhh, Chris you poor thing.

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