Diddy And Cassie Hang Outside The Telly… But What Is Wrong With Her Lip???

- By Bossip Staff

Diddy was spotted hanging with his “artist” outside of a New York City hotel.

Looks like she’s been crying. Uh Oh, Diddy done it? Wait though, what’s that on her lip?

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  • TeamTrina

    I love the birken! But….#teamkimporter that’s one of my top divas!!!

  • Queen*Pen

    That’s dirty!

  • dp

    Do you know how many people have herpes on their nether regions and don’t even know or pay attention to? If that’s what she has on her lip, at least diddy knows what he’s working with instead of being surprised, and burned lol

  • Tdelish

    Ya’ll know that’s a cold sore!

  • Divaish

    Looks like he popped her in her lip!

  • brittbratt

    That sh*t on her lip got some sh*t on it’s lip LMAO!

  • ewwthatsgross


  • Sharie

    Ya’ll people need to leave folks alone. As long as your not kissing her you dont have to worry about it….

  • sweety

    60% Of people in the US have a form of herpes. I’ve had it since I was a child. Most ignorant, uneducated people relate it to sex. That’s typically not the case oral herpes can be genetic, it can come from using a water fountain, or simply taking a sip from your bffs drink. When I get one I feel like Im wearing a Scarlett letter. Everyone stares, I get extremely depressed which causes me to miss work and events. If people would grow up and be less rude maybe id be less self conscious. It is A painful experience both mentally and physically. This girl is young and in the public eye, I feel horrible for her. When people like you make a joke out of a chronic illness its disgusting. I hope none of you have to experience the stigma of having this disease even as inconsiderate as you are.

  • Lol

    @sweety lol at you! Herpes is ZERO and I mean There is ZERO % of any form of herpes being genetic. As a nurse I laugh at you. Smh I am aware that it’s unfortunate that one of either your trifiling parents gave it to you or your nasty behin got it from eating, drinking from one of your friends. Of course people will stare at that nasty ish on your lip! Keep your azz at home because herpes is HIGHLY contagious. If you were to touch ur nasty mouth and then touch a doorknob you can transmit it to unsuspecting people. So do yourself an the rest of the world a favor and keep your azz home.


  • Cutie

    @ lol I would hate to have you as my nurse. How can you be in the health care field and degrade someone with a disease. You’re a pathetic loser.

  • http://idontmakethenews.com Maurice

    Maurice reblogged this on I Don't Make The News.

  • Yep

    @cutie must have herpes hahaha!

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