The Side-Eye: J. Hud Flakes On MJ Tribute Concert She Was Already Paid To Do Because…

- By Bossip Staff

Dayum! It was just one thing after another with this Michael Jackson Forever Tribute, huh?

After having a gang of folks turn down the opportunity to perform, Beyonce cancel on her virtual appearance and Breezy be the victim of his own craziness via British immigration, TMZ reports Jennifer Hudson gave the show’s organizers one more flub to add to the list.

Jennifer Hudson’s no-show at the Michael Jackson tribute concert yesterday caught the show’s producers completely off-guard … especially since she was already paid to do the gig … this according to sources close to the show.

JHud tweeted Saturday afternoon she wouldn’t be doing the show — citing “major production issues.”

According to our sources, Hudson is claiming she felt the show’s producers didn’t give her enough time with the music she was supposed to be singing. According to our sources, Jennifer received her music the same time as all the performers.

Our sources say JHud signed her contract and was paid in full.

A rep for Hudson confirms the reason she cancelled, but says producers “completely understood.” Our sources say that’s not the case at all.

It’s a Michael Jackson song though… How much time could she have possibly needed???

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  • gina

    Let’s talk about the shady people who put it together …..y’all can nickel and dime the Jacksons but ain’t nobody else going for it!

  • Foe

    J-Hud or whatever she refers 2 herself as is really starting 2 act like more than what she really is! Ok so u have an Oscar can u sell out a concert? Can u make a movie automatically top the box office? That would be a no 2 both of those questions! She needs 2 humble herself cause she aint all that whether she knows it or not! O and stop that charade she been putting on with her “fiance” Because every1 knows hes GAY!

  • LisaLuvless

    Jennifer Hudson’s music sucks…this video in the pic upsets the f*** outta me.. That lamby old women song “where you at?” TERRIBLE! Give the money back JCrud..

  • Felecia

    For the record, Beyonce DID NOT CANCEL her virtual performance. Is Bossip planning on doing a correction??

  • ChinaDoll37

    I guess she was too busy filming her Weight Watchers commercial.Since the weight loss I guess she too thin to honor commitments.SMH

  • gina



    ….that screaming throaty singer needs voice lessons from a real voice teacher…. her voice laacks smooth melody. Too much growling and groaning. She is totally over working her get em gurl soul sister vocal style. “where you at” sounds like a hood cell phone slogan

  • layla

    @Foe cosign.
    Remember how she flaked on Oprah, and then got put on blast for it?!
    Seems like the more weight she loses, the bigger her head gets.

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