You Can’t Be Serious: British Woman Allows Her Diseased “Member” Husband Solicit “Street Walkers” Because She Cannot Endure Him Chopping Her Down!!

- By Bossip Staff

Is this woman in love with her husband or just plain dumb?

After enjoying a romantic ­Italian meal together to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, Nina and Andrew went home to bed. But they didn’t have sex.

In fact, they haven’t made love for the last four years.

Despite being happily married and completely devoted to one ­another, sex had become far too painful for Nina after Andrew was diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease in 2007 – a condition that makes his penis misshapen.

Since then, Nina has refused to have sex with her husband.

But she knows that Andrew is a ‘typical bloke’ and still has sexual urges. So to keep her husband happy, Nina lets Andrew use ­escorts to fulfil the physical needs she can’t bring herself to meet.

“I don’t like him using escorts,” says Nina, 49, from Bradford. “I admit, it does bother me.

“But Andrew is my soul mate and we have been together since we were just teenagers. I’m not going to let this ruin our ­marriage – it’s lasted almost 30 years.”

Nina goes on to describe the events that led to her and her husband not having sex anymore

“But the worst was to come,” says Nina. “One evening, we were having sex when I felt a sharp pain down there. I tried to play down how much pain I was in – Andrew had said that sex didn’t feel any different to him. But I just couldn’t deny how excruciating sex had become for ­much longer.”

Andrew went to a sex clinic to see what they could offer him to help. But the clinic was unable to come up with a solution for the couple.

The only permanent treatment was for Andrew to have an operation, but neither Andrew or Nina were sure it was the right thing to do.

“It’s a serious procedure and there are no guarantees it would work so we decided against me having it,” explains Andrew. “But that meant we were left in the awkward position of still not having sex.”

We could come up with a lot of ways to describe this situation, but we’ll just call it what it is, fawked up.

Ladies, would you let your husband chop down hoes if you loved him but couldn’t enjoy sex with him anymore?


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  • iSayHotDamm

    NO!! There are other ways to please my husband, and I would be extremely creative while we come up with a medical solution for his problem

  • prettybrwneyez2u

    Hell no, she betta do some yoga or start working out. Learn how to let him ball you up in a corner or something you’d probably have some of the best sex you ever had in your life. LOL. Don’t be scared, embrace it!!!

  • daygopeach

    Sometimes sex is simply just sex. And as long as it’s just about sex i would consider it. Don’t get me wrong i would try everything else humanly and non humanly(lol) possible to still be able to have sex with him. But if that was the last resort and thats what i had to do to keep my relationship together then i think i would allow it.

  • gthang

    No maam! As grown womanish as I am I couldnt do that!! To each is own, that would not only mess with my marriage but that would make me start questoning my Womanhood!!!!! Moma can’t have that!!!! I probably would divorce him!!!! Sorry charlie!!!!!!

  • tayllored

    Okay Bossip this has got to be the dumbest story ever…if his junk is that misshapened, how the heck is he able to have sex with other women without causing pain!!

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