For Discussion: Herman “Greater Than Godfather’s Pizza” Cain Says Black People Need To Stop Whining Because “Racism Doesn’t Hold You Back”

- By Bossip Staff

Do you agree with this Herman “Black GOP” Cain guy???

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said on Sunday that he doesn’t believe racism holds African Americans back. “I don’t believe racism in this country today holds anybody back in a big way,” said Cain, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, during an interview on CNN. “Are there some elements of racism? Yes, it gets back to if we don’t grow this economy, that is a ripple effect for every economic level, and because blacks are more disproportionately unemployed, they get hit the worst when economic policies don’t work. That’s where it starts.”

Cain asserted that he firmly believes that “many” African Americans have a level playing field when it comes to economic issues and pointed to his own credentials to make his case. With the estimated unemployment rate for the African American community sitting well above the national average, the Republican hopeful signaled he sees the discrepancy as a product of geographical conditions and factors related to education. When it comes to African Americans struggling economically he said, “They weren’t held back because of racism.” He added, “People sometimes hold themselves back because they want to use racism as an excuse for them not being able to achieve what they want to achieve.”

He has some valid points here, thoughts???


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  • Clilshortie

    As much as it pains me to say…. I agree with him. Sometime it seems like some black folk are expecting some sort of “special” treatment because we have a black president… We have the same opportunties that others have either u make the most of them or u don’t. It’s bad enough that President Obama has to deal with all these extra obsticles without people complain about stuff that he just can’t change right now.

  • gina

    Snatched that mofoking King of SUPERCOONING Crown off Clarence Thomas head add a bigger azz hole to it put it on Herm ‘s head, stick a white Tea Party dick in his mouth and crowded Herman Cain Supercoon of the Universe….yea dude you won! Jethro give him a rope he will put it around his own neck! Yes, you have permission to tighten the rope Jed just don’t do it “in a big way”.

  • gina

    And line up all his supports …..Jed remember just dont do it “in a big way”. Yea, idiot and when your azz can’t get promoted after 25 years of SUPERCOONING remember you were just happy to get in!

  • thereal

    Black people r fuNny. Why read a book or get a job when u can just fake ball and shat out kids to rob me in 10 yrs lol

  • gina

    Your meth, coke and heroin addict family marrying hispanic drug addicts are the only folks robbing AND Pimping SSI…are breaking the system and continue. Google it!

  • saywhat!

    I agree 100%! I hate hearing ppl say, the white man is holding us back or racism is the reason they can’t get a job. Gtfoh with tht bs! Ppl need to learn to be accountable for their own failures.

  • reddfoxx77

    I agree @ Clilshortie….the racism argument is not enough anymore as to why black ppl aren’t further ahead. We hold our own selves back w/excuses. I don’t like/trust Mr. Cain, but I’ve been arguing the same point for yrs.

  • gina

    Y’all grab your boot straps. I am certain none of you make more than $42,000 a year and just happy your white coworkers let you lunch with them and sit next to them in a cube!

  • atlphilly

    if herman cain think white people who are republicans are going to vote for him then he is sadly mistaken and he’s a sell-out and a uncle tom…..i can’t stand black people like him and i can’t stand all republicans and oh yeah herman cain look like a monkey!!!!

  • saywhat!

    You really don’t even think before you type do you? I’m sure there are A LOT of ppl on here tht make more than 42,000.00 a year. I’m self employed and make 200,000.00 a year and working to increase tht in the near future. But my question to you is, do you think tht comment has any connection to this article. I’m sure in your small world you don’t get that he is saying tht you CAN achieve whatever level of success you chose to have. If your white coworkers make more than you and you should be making the same then you should be doing something to change tht. Like find a new job or talk to an attorney. On the other hand if making 42,000.00 a year is the level of success your happy with then why is tht an issue? I’m very sure by your ignorant comment you may make less than what u would like to thus falling into a catergory of ppl he is talking about. Ugh, u are such an idiot. I swear you make such dumb comments sometimes.Smh.

  • Wtf!!

    Blacks kill more blacks than the kkk, rob each other, glorify violence against one another and think its cool. This generation is a hip hop following, gov’t handout taking, lazy, n ignorant culture. Its not the “white man” its our own people. Black kids who excel in school are called sellouts n white-boys by their own peers! We hold each other back. Our parents/grand parents went thru HELL for us to have equality n this how we thank them…smh. Read books n stop lookin up to rappers.invest instead of buyin rims, clothes n jewelry

  • gina

    @say what your azz is is a big ole Hippo size fat liar….$200,000 everyone black I know that makes that salary will tell you ….racism is alive and doing well….fail…GS12 STEP 10 GINA! QUIT THAT SUPERCOONING TWAT! @WTF….go play that mess with china its lame tired and old!

  • BlackAnastasia

    I love you Gina baby!BTW,Are you Single?

  • saywhat!

    Honey, like I said before, you are ignorant. I’m very well aware of racism. Sweety the point he made was tht you can go as far as you want to if you apply yourself. I have no reason to lie about my income but also no need to prove it to you. I’m sure by your comment you think 200,000.00 per year is a whole lot of money. For most small business owners tht is just beginning figures. Butttt like I said your too ignorant to even get it.

  • gina

    @Black Anastasia
    ….ain’t single and ” trys” real hard to “act right”

  • gina


    Don’t blew your SSI or IRS earned income credit lying! We are rflol at your azz. Enjoy your fantasy boo.

    Luv ya

  • BeeHumble

    @Gina: Sweetie,you sound stupid,dumb,and uneducated. You guys,please don’t pay this Gina hoodrat any mind.

    “Don’t argue with a fool,because it will bring your stock down”.

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    I agree with Herman! We are the only race of people that just can’t get it together! I cosign @ WTF!!!! We tear each other down, look down on each other,etc..,,! Willie Lynch mission has been accomplished!

  • team nymphis

    too all the section 8 cheesrlaeders maybe Cain will allow you to buy his pizzaz with your ebt cards

  • reddfoxx77

    @ everybody on here- why did u waste your time responding to Gina? Isn’t it quite obvious when someone is trying to bait just anyone they can into an argument? This is the problem w/these blogs in general. He/she’s been on here since early in the morn making inflammatory comments, just praying someone would care enough to respond. You know that shit doesnt apply to you. Hell, whatever they are, they probably work for Bossip…..the easiest way to get 100 comments on a post is to bait your readers into a racial argument.

  • gina

    Lawdy you know I know who y’all are …..SUPERCOONING it up again lying on Bossip. Whenever I burn that azz with the truth y’all try your lil hood gang banger stuff ..lmao….dont talk to…zeros and hoes plz dont talk to gina 🙂

  • gina

    Old dead broke azz redfoxx77 is speaking from the grave again..lmao…..leave gina alone cowardly hoes. Nymphis can pimp slap y’all with his. Big **** and talk about your mama and all you hoes would say is

    $200,000 yr not in your entire

  • No-INtro

    It’s a lot of foolishness and coonery on here today. With that being said, I am not surprised.

  • sha-town

    I think the black community can police their own shet up. I’m not a fan of hypocritic jiggaboos who point out things in others that are clearly something they should be fixing in themselves. This Guy Cain is going hard at Obama and the black community for what? I think that’s a clear sign of some issues with himself. A big problem in the black community is opposition for the smallest things. Why contribute to something that you claim is a problem?

  • just me

    While I agree with parts of his comments I have to say that racism no doubt holds blacks back. There r so many of us who fed into the b.s. about going to to college to better ourselves and do the right thing but it certainly hasn’t done much for me or many other college grads. It’s bad enough that none of us can get a job but add in the factor that ur black and that’s a double negative that doesn’t equal a positive.

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