Myth-Busting History Lesson: Everyone Already Knew The Earth Was Round When Columbus Set Sail

- By Bossip Staff

Let’s get the facts straight on this fake holiday.

First of all, we all know the original travesty: Columbus and his people came to America and killed all of the Native Americans and took their land. But there’s another travesty in the Columbus history.

The idea that Christopher Columbus sailed across the world to prove that it was round was a big myth started by Washington Irving in his 1828 biography of the “discoverer”. Irving wrote a semi-fictional biography of Columbus and included that lie, which our teachers only perpetuate every day. In fact, as far back as Aristotle, people knew the world was round.

So when your kid comes home from school talking about Columbus proving that the Earth was round, give him or her a history lesson and reveal the truth! All Columbus did was come to America and help lead the charge of Europeans killing and taking the land that wasn’t theirs.

The End.

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  • Righton

    Thank you bossip I’m glad somebody finally shed the light on this so called”holiday”.

  • Nicky

    I am not complaining about having a day off but this holiday is fraudulent! The bible tells of the earth being round, so there are no excuses!

  • rigchis

    The bible also says the sons of god had sex with the daughters of men. I thought god on had one son named jesus. The earn is spherical

  • Al Black

    Lol at Bossip going in on Columbus Day.

  • NCs Finest

    All teachers aren’t perpetuating that lie. I stopped teaching about Columbus Day after my first year because it’s a bunch of lies that keeps confusing the students.

  • Samael

    As usual, Bossip has oversimplified things. Various people postulated that the Earth was round over the centuries but it wasnt universally accepted until after Columbus made his voyage. Columbus didn’t prove this. He did, however, make the first recorded trip West to the Americas, further than anyone else had gone.

    And yes, he was responsible for the deaths of many Native Americans. However, hundreds of thousands of skeletons of those sacrificed to the Aztec gods have been found. Native Americans routinely enslaved, tortured and ate other Native Americans. They raped, destroyes and murdered as well. Their own records show this. In many cases. Spanish conquistadors conquered larger tribes with the help of coalitions of other less powerful tribes.

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