Latest Choreographer To Get Jacked By Beyonce Says It Was Beautiful When School Kids Did It, Bey’s Just Rude And A Thief!!

- By Bossip Staff

Some people find absolutely no flattery or props in having King Bey appropriate their work as her own.

The Belgian woman whose work is all over the Bey’s “Countdown” video is one such person.

Choreography in the video for Beyoncé’s new single Countdown, released last week, shows a number of similarities with work by the Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Speaking to a Danish blog, De Keersmaeker said she had not been asked permission: “I didn’t know anything about this. I’m not mad, but this is plagiarism.”

Two routines in the video, which shows Beyoncé and her backing dancers in a number of disused buildings, have come under scrutiny. One creates a split-screen effect, with the singer looking to camera through a window on the left, while three female dancers perform a ballet routine in the background on the right. A remarkably similar effect and movements appear in De Keersmaeker’s first work with her company, Rosas Danst Rosas. Another sequence strongly resembles choreography from Achterland, a filmed version of which won the Dance Screen award in 1994.

De Keersmaeker continued: “What’s rude is that they don’t even bother about hiding it. They seem to think they could do it because it’s a famous work … Am I honoured? Look I’ve seen local school kids doing this. That’s a lot more beautiful.”

Nice. That’s shade at it’s finest right there.

Beyonce’s probably never going to address these plagiarism accusations. But her partner in crime in this case copped her pleas preemptively.

Her co-director, Adria Petty, has previously spoken about showing the singer footage of European contemporary dance for inspiration. She told MTV News: “I brought Beyoncé a number or references and we picked some out together. Most were German modern dance references, believe it or not.” Petty said the process was “evolving [and] spontaneous”.

Just pay the folks who “inspire” you or get them involved ahead of time, Bey. It’s not like you don’t have it to spend. SMH


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  • Hmmmm!!!!!

    Ain’t no surprise! That’s Bey’s M.O! She’s what u call a biter! Sooo Unoriginal!

  • Lol

    Lol at bossip thinking that bey gives 2 shits about these accusations. Obviously she doesn’t since it keeps happening. I dont blame her for the simple fact that NO ONE is original. This choreographer needs 2 sit. She probably stole those moves her damn self. I saw those moves back in old movies. Ppl kill me acting like anything they do these days is ORIGINAL. Gtfoh! Nobody even knew this chick just like the other nobodies who claimed that bey copied them nobody knew them either. Ppl are hungry 4 money & will claim anything. Fyi boo someone did it before u too.

  • Lol

    And before u obsessed beyonce haters come for me, im not defending her but just pointing out the facts. Im sooo sick of this who copied who/who swagger jacked who bs that sites like bossip like to feed u. Fyi NONE of them are original. Not even michael jackson, who ppl praise, was original. He copied the moon walk. So if you’re gonna call beyonce a thief then EVERY ARTIST is a thief.

  • Ummm

    The reason why ppl point this out about beyonce is because she wants us to believe she’s just that darn creative. Truth be told sorry love bug but she isnt. Im a fan but to much usage of material that has been exposed is annoying and bland.

  • Lol

    But has beyonce ever come out & said “I create things that have never been done before”? No. She has said she gets “inspired” just like everyone else including this choreographer. U think this choreographer hasnt copied somebody? Lmao yeah right. The truth is that everything in this industry is stolen. Only reason beyonce gets outed is because people hate her “picture perfect” image & want any dirt they can get on her.

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    U wanna swagger jack, like obviously she did, then she should compensate whoever she’s biting! I mean, if u gonna use somebody’s beat u pay for it, right?! Just sayin’!

  • Well

    To Lol, don’t forget when beyonce said she wrote irreplaceable when she clearly didn’t. Everybody takes from somebody, but props should be given when props are warranted. I’m shocked that she gave props to those african guys who came up with some dance moves for her run the world song.

  • misskayasha

    “Inspiration” and “copying” is two different things. inspiration : Letting things inspire you to create something of your own with influence from the source- copying: doing something exactly like it is and not even bothering to at least acknowledge the person or thing behind your action aka plagiarism. Miss Beyonce crew or whoever is not even bothering to acknowledge the choreographer- and there is alot of people who don’t like Beyonce but their is alot more who do and so when Beyonce gets outted for jacking someone style is not cause she’s hated is because she’s not even bothering to be honest or hands on with what she decides to produce for people.

  • Miss_Danielle

    Not suprising, give credit where credit is due, and you wont get caught…

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  • whoCaresGreatVideo

    I don’t think Bey feels like she’s getting caught…she never says she created anything…think about it…she hasn’t changed her ways, she really may be inspired…she doesn’t see it as stealing (peole do it ALL the time, she is just on a bigger stage)

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