Beyonce Opens Up About Pregnancy And Relationship With Camel…”I Had To Find Myself First Before Having A Baby” [Photos & Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Just when you thought you would get a day off from reading about BeyBey and her baby bump, here she is with another magazine cover and a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar where she discusses revealing her pregnancy, intimate moments with Jay-Z and much much more!

That’s not to say that it wasn’t a carefully planned maneuver: “I put a lot of thought into how I wanted to unveil it. It was important to me that I was able to do it myself,” Beyoncé explains. The orange Lanvin caftan she wore for the big moment was the last of an epic near-70 gowns she considered. “I was extremely nervous. It was the toughest red carpet I ever did.

“I didn’t want a crazy picture or gossip story to break the news,” she continues, “so I decided to say nothing and proudly show my baby bump. I felt it was more powerful to see the love and enthusiasm as opposed to saying anything.”

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  • yea!

    To all the ppl who r gonna comment so when beyonce do have the baby what r y’all gonna say? I just wanna know that’s all!

  • Gen

    Um there will be a baby .. She just wont be giving birth to it .. Many celebs get surrogates .. its no secret

  • http://Thetruth The Truth

    I believe she is pregnant, however I believe she is exaggerating it for more effect & talkin about her personal life to deflect from her failed attempt at managing herself and get flop album. Beyonce is pregnant, but it’s not the reason her album is failing & the management is poor. Her pregnancy overexposure & reflecting on her career is a marketing gimmick. I thought she was private? Why every other interview is she now talking about her personal life?Whst about her Lil brother? Shes pregnant & milking it to death. Has anyone gave a crap about that crap album & her laughable attempt @ managing herself since her pregnancy? Why won’t she talk about that?Lil miss private. She resorts to the same tricks as any other artist when she flops.

  • Jaycee

    Wow, people are stupid, how come she can’t just be pregnant? Why does it always have to be a conspiracy? I really hope y’all get a life and stop being so negative all the damn time Geeeesh!!

  • gina

    Mrs. Beyonce Knowles-Carter honors her status as a viable female ” we” don’t play pregnant…ok! Y’all go on with that Soap Opera, Lifetime Story Drama, stealing babies and cutting them out of your friends mess. Y’all gotta quit thinking those zesty soap opera thoughts.

  • iloveit

    I have a 19month old daughter n whether beyonce usin tricks on not she is a positive person as long as she been n the game u ever heard a rumor bout her clubin all the time sexing mad dudes being dirty or doin drugs I mean just anythin negative NO she got her a great career then got married waitin after 2years after marriage to have a child I had my baby at 16 finish high school n now I’m struggles through jobs n communtiy college I’d love for my baby to findd a great role model n beyonce she’s a strong black women n her n jayz love is real I’m happy for them both

  • The Truth

    It’s not negativity. It is my opinion! Based on What I’ve seen & what YOU have seen as well. Why is she talking so much about her personal life?I thought she was private? I thught she needed to have something to keep for herself? Why so much info? I’ll tell you why…. It’s a tactic she’s using to deflect from her failing album, her failed attempt at managing herself & her strained relationship with her father. Isn’t it funny, brunch only exposes stuff when it’s a good look for her. That’s the difference between her and MJ. He was not afraid to admit family issues, or deep character flaws. Beyonce on the other hand would only expose what makes her look good, and throw a silly bone in like “I can’t cook” GTFOH! That’s why ppl have no prob giving MJ his props & sympathy. Beyonce & her fans in the other hand have to go to war to go to war to get ppl to admit the obvious. She’s talented, but full of crap!

  • The Truth

    Questions For Beyonce:

    Your being more open now, right?
    Your talking about your personal life now, right?
    You want people to know ur human & have struggles, right?

    Then why won’t you address these things….

    – you fired your father cause he was stealing from you.
    -the breakdown of your parents marriage and his outside child. (keep in mind bey, you had NO problem talkin about your parents marriage when it was great. U said they were your inspiration. This has had to have a great affect on you. How do view marriage now? BE REAL)
    -your album. What about that? Managing yourself.

    Why do u only talk about what makes you look good, but you & your team work overtime & trying to hide everything else less than perfect?

    Humanize yourself. Take off the prosthetic & just be pregnant. Stop exaggerating it & be real. You won’t have so many haters. I can’t say this enough… MJ, Janet, Mariah and them would have no issue with admitting issues. Thats why they were adored without such intense hate.

    I don’t hate beyonce… She is a talented woman, but as an artist there are things about her I dont respect. And her lack of honesty and refusal to ginuwine without worrying about her image is one of them.

  • kyla

    She still has not found herself. otherwise y else would she be so DESPERATE to tell usat every opportunity about herself. she has little intelligence and self doubt hence always hungry for attention. Her records doing very badly. She should concentrate on her coming responsibilities she cant be super man the world has heard and seen enough of her. Time for up to enjoy younger faces and sounds. The Charts Dont Lie! Jus sayin!


    See this is the type of stuff what I’m talking about Beyonce is so o.c.d when it comes to pleasing her fans they want more so she gives them more instead of saying look I’m pregnant I have to focus on what really matters the press or my baby’s health she doesn’t allow herself to be miss so when the baby comes her OBSESSIVE fans gonna attack her and her family personal lives once again because she’s constantly giving them something to talk about!!!!(not trying to say she has to stop what she’s doing and lay in bed all day like some lazy people do…all I’m just saying if she leave the seen now so when the baby comes it’ll be less likely people be checking for her at any hospitals in February when The baby comes but since she told everybody her due date SMH I don’t think it’ll matters now!!!!!

    Thinks too BEYONCE and her OBSESSIVE fans this baby doesn’t stand a normal life like every other baby….BEYONCE is in control of this baby’s destiny she controls her action and if the paparazzi bomb rush her the baby AND JAYZ everytime they come out they’re apartment then you’ll know who’s fault it was you don’t see JAYZ face all up in a camera Every time someone says his name out Of respect For his family

    BEYONCE get some help seriously I wouldn’t Never even respond to this

    Now lets see what DEM OBSESSIVE FANS have to say about all of this…54321

  • The Truth

    Since you’ve opened up more, can u please tell us how you coped with your parents separation? I know that was hard for you because you’ve gloated about your parents relationship in the past. Some of your fans may be going through the same thing. Was it difficult to accept your Lil brother? Are you close with him?this had to have had a great affect on you. Why won’t u let interviewers ask you about that?
    I thought you were private & didn’t care what ppl thought? Why did u care so much HOW ppl found out u were pregnant? You didn’t announce your wedding… Oh, because your music was selling then & u had no family scandal.

  • The Truth

    My point exactly!!! Who can connect to someone like that? Beyonce is a bigger star than anyone in the world. Why is there so much more wretchedness & not more woman like her? People look up to her & like get music too, right? I will tell u why….
    Girls don’t try to be more Like her because they cannot connect to her!!! People are mire like the rihannas, keyshia Cole, ect because they can connect to less than perfect people & people who have made huge life mistakes & aren’t afraid to expose them. Don’t get it twisted! Beyonce has too. She just won’t expose it. Beyond had a troubled family too. She just hides it & let’s ppl speculate. That’s why the other girls who are less than perfect seem to be having more of an inspiration on young ppl. Because they are famous & relatable. News flash: girls have sec ole Rihanna.(you did. Wink) they disagree with there moms like keyshia. They are rebellious like lady gag me & pink. They are not perfect princesses like beyonce portrays herself to be. She us NOT doing society a service by being one sided to reflect s positive image. She is a waste of a huge figure who can be more inspirational if she would be human. (like oprah who isn’t perfect, but well respected & rarely called a fraud like beyonce is frequently called.)

  • Team Bey

    Yall mofos need to get a life….dang. Who gives a crap about her parents seperation, who cares about her feelings on making management changes. This is her first pregnancy and she is happy, No elated, her and JayZ. Beyonce just let haters hate . No one on this site will NEVER accomplish what you have accomplished, or be on your level. She’s happy yall. I was just like this when I was pregnant with my first child. I too am a private person, but when I found out I was pregnant I was so happy I wanted everyone to know and be happy for me. I even called up people I wasn’t speaking to tell them about my bundle of joy, and they were happy for me. So to all the REAL Beyonce fans let’s celebrate Bey’s happiness and look forward to her coming bundle of joy.

  • Maybe She's Just Excited

    I am an expectant mother as well and am elated that I have the ability to carry a child. A lot of women don’t have the opportunity to experience this. Why can’t she just be excited for this new chapter in her life without being bashed? She can talk about her child as much as she would like and it is her right. It is a publications decision to actually run the story, so how is the over exposure her fault? Just a thought.

  • slayed

    Private if she we’re so private,why would she come out the way she did at the mtv awards. Showing up pregnant is one thing but going on stage drmanding that people applaud her unborn baby is a whole ‘nother story.

  • slayyed

    Why are you not posting my comments?

  • prettybrowneyez

    @Gen Im so wit u on that

  • uhh no

    First of all stop with the “album flopped” bull. Since when is going platinum a flop? Second of all whether he album flopped or jot she will STILL be relevant. Especially with ppl like yall going out of your way to bash her. I don’t care about her parents divorce or any of her troubles. I’m to busy dealing with my own life. Celebrity’s deserve some sort of privacy just like everyone else. She’s a happy expectant mom to be. Let her live damn smh

  • T

    Im gonna need 4 the haters like “the truth” & “dem obsessive fans” & whoever else 2 get a life. Essays? Really? Smh at beyonce being ur whole life. I bet u dont even analyze ur own life that much smh. Bey is happily pregnant & can talk about it as much as she wants. Im so happy she revealed it the way she did instead of some blog. Keep making them haters mad king b!

  • The Truth

    ^^^^ you don’t care about her parents divorce & troubles, yet you care about her marriage & her baby?

    She deserves her privacy, but only when it’s convenient for her & makes her look good? At any other time she can use her personal life to distract from other stuff & fir photo oops to advance her image?

    She deserves her privacy, but all EVERYONE is taking about (including the stans) is her personal life? She deserves privacy when we bring up the bad, but it’s gravy when she’s boasting about her perfect marriage, unbreakable friendship & finding herself & how SHE chose not to rush things. It’s okay for everyone to talk about that? Bur when someone brings up the WHOLE truth thru should shut up? Lol @ stans

  • the are clearly in pain

    What kind of horrible misfortune of your personal life are you trying to justify?

    Oprah and all of the ladies you mentioned wish their “mothers and fathers” would have protected them from abuse they endured as children. YOU REALLY NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP BEYONCE WOULD NOT speak EVIL WORDS IN HER MOUTH ABOUT ANYONE.

    Where you the poor dirty girl that hated and bully the poor clean girl because her parent(S) put the little they had in guiding, protecting and loving her? Did your parent(s)put choose drugs and lust over you! Your deep pain is bleeding hate! Did you just do whatever you pleased messed up your life and are now mad at the world about it? SOMEONE HELP HER! Bossip block that insane stuff before she hurts herself”

  • stop that!

    BOSSIP you know that one ain’t remotely well, playing, having fun or jocking other bloggers. Shut that down before it hurts itself! Its in the danger zone and mostly alone!

  • okay....

    Maybe she doesn’t talk about her parents’ relationship out of respect for them and their privacy. I’m sure her mother was very hurt by what happened, and quite frankly it isn’t Beyonce’s business to comment on it. She has the right to be excited about her pregnancy and share it. I’m sure that when she goes into interviews, the people conducting the interview ask her about it, so why shouldn’t she share? You guys act like this woman is talking about explicit sexual encounters, or doing drugs, or being an alcoholic-but wait, you guys actually enjoy and condone those stories. Smh…

  • Honey Bun

    You know what after seeing those pictures of that “baby bump”, I think it is all a lie. Now I have seen a lot of celebs pictures of them being pregnant, and I have NEVER seen nothing like that before. So, if it turns out that she has been lying this whole time, I will loose full respect for her.

  • kirby

    @truth why is it your business???

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