Bobby Paid in Full…Until Next Month

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Bobby must’ve been on his grind this week hustling up some money to pay the $11,000 owed to baby’s momma #2. Phew, just missed getting locked up by the skin of your teeth there, Mr. Brown. Wonder how he plans to keep those payments up….

Via TMZ: TMZ has learned that R& B star and Hyde outcast Bobby Brown is officially paid up on his back child support.

Patrick McDermott of the Norfolk, Mass. Probate and Family Court tells TMZ that Brown paid his two-month delinquent child support last week, a bill that totaled $11,000. Kim Ward, the mother of Brown’s teenaged daughter La Princia and son Bobby Jr., claimed that Brown owed her two months’ support for the children.

It is still not clear, however, about the status of the warrant out for his arrest. A court rep tells TMZ that it will probably be turned back in to the court as unserved and will most likely be vacated.

Brown also has one child with Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina, and an older son, Landon, with another woman.

We should expect Bobby to find another sugar mama to put his “Thug Lovin” on. This video is hilarious, with Bobby’s crooked mouth and air-humping…

What will become of this Bobby and Whitney crap? Will they clean themselves up and get back on the right track—be good role models for their children, or will they stay cracked-out for life??? Predictions, please.

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