#HurtsWhenBreathe: Jay Electronica Tells Diddy To Stop Being So Sensitive And Ignoring Him! Will Diddy Respond?

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like Jay’s feelings might be hurt because Diddy’s feelings are hurt. Can we just hug and work it out?!

Late last year, Jay Electronica upset his homie Diddy by signing with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation instead of Bad Boy, causing Puff to go into a Twitter rant about how butthurt he was. Apparently he hasn’t spoken to Jay since, causing Badu’s baby daddy to go off on Twitter:

“I know you see me” Jay continued. Man up my n—a you know I love you. Let’s get back to business. I miss you…Don’t make me come to your house. YOU KNOW I WILL”

Then he tried to insult Diddy’s new signee, Machine Gun Kelly, to get Diddy’s attention: Peace family. Tell Puff hit me or else I’m gonnna burn your world down with a verse…I’m just playin. Now do as I say or get your world burned down w a verse.”

Finally, Jay tried to get his followers in on it: “Everyone Retweet this: @iamdiddy #ILuvU. Get at me you ole emotional a$$ n—a. You a Black King! Wakeup Lion and let’s go.”

Damn, looks like he really wants Diddy’s attention. You think Diddy will respond or is he still too hurt? Either way, this is pretty weird.

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