You Can’t Handle The Truth: Houston Woman Charged With Felony Stalking After Calling Her Ex 1,001 Time And Sending 712 E-Mails!!

- By Bossip Staff

Fellas, let these women down gently, some of them aren’t very stable…

In the span of 24 hours, she allegedly called her ex-lover 146 times.

Police said she shattered several of the windows of his west Houston home, first with a tire iron, and then with a 5-foot sword.

She is accused of egging his house on several occasions, and posting pictures of herself bragging about it on her Facebook page.

Police say Toni Jo Silvey, 49, still reeling from a 2009 breakup with Houston leather artist Peter Main, also created an Internet persona – “woundedpo eticsoul” – that turned out to be very wounded indeed.

Silvey was arrested on Tuesday and charged with felony stalking. Court records show a magistrate set Silvey’s bail at $25,000 and ordered her not to contact Main. She remained in Harris County Jail on Wednesday.

In June, Silvey started a blog that detailed the breakdown of their relationship and her post-breakup bad behavior in excruciating detail, calling him names and posting rambling rants about his relationship with a younger woman.

Silvey’s criminal defense attorney, James Madison Ardoin III, declined comment Wednesday.

Main, 62, did not respond to a voicemail or an email seeking comment. Main told police officers he dated Silvey briefly in 2009 and has been reluctant to file charges against her because “he is afraid of angering (her) further.”

Main told police that Silvey called him 1,001 times and sent him 712 emails over a span of less than three months, starting in mid-June. One day in August, she allegedly called him 146 times, investigators said.

Regardless of whether this guy cheated on you or not lady, you gotta get control of yourself. Clearly he’s just not that into you anymore and you’re just making yourself look crazy.


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  • chevychick

    Got-Dang lady! He don’t wont u anymore, get it?

    Just go, move on. Some folk just ask for sh**. This crazy heifer had a sword too? Seriously?!

    I hate when women act like that ONE piece of sh** a** dude is the only one in earth.


  • gina

    Awes Judge dont be to hard on crazy white lady, rejected white men usually go kill the entire family and run off with the dog. Yea, but lock her away for a while.

  • insane

    She is truely sick. They need 2 do a mental evaluation on her.

  • JayandNic's Mom

    Is it just me or does anybody else think she looks like droopy dog from those tex avery cartoons

  • BlackAnastasia

    It’s always the Ashey,Ugly,thirsty women that don’t get very much attention from men that does the stalking.So this is no surprise here.

  • chevychick

    @ JayandNic’s Mom…that’s too funny, but yeah, since I looked @ her again, yup she does favor droopy.

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