Making It Rain On Those GOP Hoes: Barack Obama Fundraising Gives His Campaign A Cool $70 Milli, More Than Republicans Combined

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like Barry-O has something to be happy about these days:

Numbers haven’t been kind to President Barack Obama lately — low polls, high employment rates, lousy Senate vote tallies — but he can take comfort in one figure announced Thursday morning: A combined $70.1 million third quarter fundraising haul by the Obama campaign and Democratic National Committee.

Campaign manager Jim Messina had set the floor at around $55 million in a September conference call with Obama finance officials, but the totals instead breezed past that amount – $42.8 million for Obama’s campaign committee and an additional $27.3 million for the national party.

The top three GOP presidential contenders , meanwhile, are expected to have raised about half that much cumulatively, with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Herman Cain raising $17 million, $14 million and $8 million respectively. The Republican National Committee raised a respectable $9.3 million over the same period, but still has millions in debt.


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