You Can’t Be Serious: British Man Is Disgusted By Store-Bought Meat And Has Been Eating Roadkill For 30 Years!!

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You are what you eat, and this is a nasty muhfugga!

Rat stir fries and owl curries hardly sound like the stuff you would serve your friends for dinner.

But surprisingly, Jonathan McGowan’s exotic roadkill dishes are a big hit with his guests.
The 44-year-old bachelor has lived on a diet of roadkill for the past 30 years to avoid buying meat from the supermarket.

He has shunned pre-packaged meats and instead dined on mice, moles, hedgehogs, pigeons, crows and gulls.

The taxidermist from Bournemouth, Dorset, never kills the animals himself but eats only what he finds at the roadside or in woodland.

Mr McGowan first got a taste for roadkill at the age of 14 when he cooked a dead adder that he had found.

He said: ‘The adder didn’t actually taste very nice – a bit like bacon rind. But it had piqued my curiosity and I wondered what else I could eat and what it would taste like.’

We know that there might be some suspect hormones or steroids in the chicken breast at our local grocery store, but that said, we ain’t eatin’ no damn roadkill!


To see some of Jonathan’s best recipies flip the page, at your own discretion…


Serves: Two

1) Take one 8oz roadkill pigeon breast and wash it in warm water which will partially cook it.
2) Place it in foil with 100ml of red wine and cook it thoroughly for around half an hour on a low heat.
3) Mix in with onion and a white sauce and continue to cook it again for another 20 minutes.
Serve with celery and parsnips. It also goes well with chips and roast potatoes.


Serves: Four

1) Skin one badger and cut into pieces before browning in a frying pan with butter until pieces are golden and stiff,
2) Flambée with glass of Armagnac and pour over one bottle of dry, sparkling wine, then simmer gently for two hours.
3) Mix cooked, chopped badger liver, a glass of pig’s blood, two egg yolks and a pot of crème fraîche and serve immediately
Serve with wild mushrooms or chestnuts.


Serves: Four

1) Brown the onions and celery in a frying pan for around 10 minutes on a high heat
2) Add the owl, turning until cooked through
After about 5 minutes, turn down the heat and add the veg, sultanas, coconut, curry paste and some cumin and turmeric. Simmer for around ten minutes
3) Shortly before serving, mix in the cream and stir well
Serve with pilau or long grain rice

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