For The Stans: Bey Bey’s Hump Full Of Camel And Mommy-To-Be Lady Lumps On Blast In NYC

- By Bossip Staff

Beyonce and the future Baby Knowles-Carter were spotted in NYC yesterday.

Either she’s really trying to prove a point, or she really doesn’t care about all that fake bump shade and is going about her business like the thousands of other pregnant women in the world right now.

Which one do you think it is?

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  • Maurice

    Maurice reblogged this on I Don't Make The News.

  • applepie

    Hey, thats’s her business. If Beyonce is pregnant, faking her pregnancy, or another woman is carry her baby. That’s her business. She wants a child, she’s excited about it, and we she be happy for her. No I’m not a beyonce stan or fan. Just telling it like it is.

  • applepie

    Typo *carrying*.

  • Chris

    I wish ppl would just leave her alone when it comes to her baby, because not so long ago everyone want her to get preggers. So other artist could have a chance to obtain some of her fame and awards. Now everyone one her back. If her baby bump is fake or if she really is pregger, just let her be.

    Ps. As for Wendy Williams, not every pregnant acts the same , eat the same, gain weight the same, or sit and walk the same. Just saying.

  • Imjussaying

    Smh I personally really dont care if she is or has a surrogate. As long as a healthy baby is born. It shouldnt matter. All I know is thet get if you talk and they get paid if you dont so one again does it really matter

  • real talk

    This woman is obviously pregnant. Look at the boobies. People need to let this ish go already. She’s pregnant. Deal with it.

  • Who knowzs

    im 50/50 with bey and the bump just wish she would stop the antics and rest enjoy her pregnancy shes just doing to much

  • TT

    She’s doing too much by walking down the street? Smh. This woman is just living her life & its not her fault that people are obsessed with her & that papz follow her every move. Im glad she keeps livin her life & not caring what the haters think.

  • annamaria

    I refuse to let this crazy women play me for a fool! SHE IS NOT PREGNANT!! ITS IS SOO OBVIOUS! Don’t be stupid people! This is a red flag something is terribly wrong with her. Think about it, she is walking the streets with padding in her dress pretending to be with child. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD DO THIS?!? And expect to get away with it? Her fame and her money has become her sickness. Please stop supporting this women and open your eyes to the truth. Honestly this whole thing is scary and disgusting.

  • who knows?

    Idk man… Everytime she steps out, her belly is a different size. She wasn’t this big a week ago on that Australian show. Maybe she grew fast, I don’t know. I’m 50/50. It’s all pretty weird to me. I just want the whole collapsing stomach thing explained. Like, what was that?!

  • smh

    It was her dress u idiots! That austrailian show showed it from a different angle & u can see that the dress poofed up because the seat was too low when she sat down. Damn people are dumb as hell. There is nothing wrong with bey. There’s something wrong wit the dumb idiots who think that beyonce aka biggest black female artist of this generation, would fake a pregnancy. She is 100% pregnant & the bey haters stay losing as usual.

  • Stop with the ads

    WTF what’s up with all the ads worse than an over jealous car salesman….damn can’t get to the articles this is bullish…:.

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