TMI? When Stars Give Us Intimate Details Of How They Like To Get Freaky

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Celebrities are freaks. And sometimes, they just can’t help but tell us about their freakiness whether we want to hear it or not. These celebrities have opened up about their sex lives with no shame. Enjoy the pictures and read the stories that may make a grown man blush.

LaLa and Carmelo – LaLa just revealed how she and Carmelo like to get their freak on via Skype. The image of ‘Melo “enjoying” the chat kind of makes us cringe a little bit.

Bey Bey and The Camel – “You should put on good music and something that makes you feel great,” she said. “I love a pair of high stilettos with a beautiful dress, but you have to find out what works for you — whether it’s doing the whole smokey eye thing or a natural look. And never be predictable. Mix it up, surprise him, change your hair — be the woman he knows with a little bit of a twist.” That’s what Bey said when discussing how she likes to get freaky for Hov. Go on, Mrs. Fierce.

Rihanna – You knew she had to be a part of this. Rih Rih talks about how she likes dirty texting and getting nasty pictures if you remember her cover story on Rolling Stone. And if you think she’s a role model, she’ll tell you that she’d rather just make do it.

Drake – Nothing says “hot” like a rapper talking about how he wants to flog his dolphin while looking at pictures of women that send him classy nudes. *barf* We didn’t need to know that one, Drizzy.

Kevin Hart – Kev said it himself during his comedy show: he’ll only give you about 20 seconds of lovemaking…but he’ll flip you around 40 times in that quick little session. You did see “Laugh At My Pain” right? Right?!

Coco and Ice-T – They offered the secret to their successful marriage: lots of crazy, spontaneous, freaky lovemaking. It’s as simple as that. And if you want tips, Coco and Ice are eager to give you the details.

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    Stacey Dash – Want to know how good her hoo-ha is?

    Smooth: Do you think you’ll ever get married again?
    Stacey Dash: I never say never. It’s whatever God’s will is. But I hope so. I think marriage is a beautiful thing.

    Smooth:We heard somewhere you slept with all your husbands on the first night. Is that true?
    Stacey Dash: Yes, I slept with all my husbands on the first night. And they said, “Marry Me” and I said, “yes.”

    Stacey gave it up on the first night then it was so good that they proposed to her? DAMN! She needs to bottle that and sell it.

    Hugh Hefner – His old runaway fiancee told the world about how he handled – or didn’t handle – business in the sack. She said he was a minute man that struggled to keep it together. But, he is damn near 100. Cut him some slack. However, don’t tell us about it.

    Angelina Jolie – She hasn’t hesitated to tell the world about all the freaky ish she used to do. She talked about cutting herself while doing it and she’s admitted to her love of bondage, too. Damn, Brad. You got a weirdo on your hands.

    Ne-Yo – While people were out questioning his sexuality, Ne-Yo leaked a picture of himself getting some face time with some chick he clearly paid to be a stand-in. Still, we didn’t need to see that, buddy. Keep it to yourself. We’ll believe you’re straight if you stop doing things like that.

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