Black On Black Bolitics: Herman “iHeart Pizza” Cain Now Tops Obama In Latest Poll [Video]

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Wow… Republicans are actually so thirsty to get Barack out of office they’re willing to support a black candidate. The latest polls are showing that Herman Cain has the support of 72% of his party’s vote, while Obama can count on 82% of Democrats, but in an overall poll Cain has a 2% edge over Obama — with 43% of likely voters claiming to ride for him versus the 41% Obama could expect to pull.

Rising Republican star Herman Cain is now more popular the President Obama, a new poll of likely voters found.

The plain-talking pitchman behind the “9-9-9” tax reform plan beats Obama 43% to 41% in the latest head-to-head matchup in Rasmussen Reports’ latest national telephone survey.

“Cain now has the chance to make the case for why he should be the challenger to Mitt Romney,” says Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports.

“Many others have auditioned for the role and fallen flat, and it remains to be seen whether Cain’s fate will be similar.”

Romney is also in a virtual dead-heat with Obama, the survey found.

Cain has been slowly gaining on the President in recent weeks, gaining traction for his plan to cap income and corporate taxes at 9% – and impose a national 9% sales tax.

Last week, Cain trailed Obama by three. The week before, he was behind by five, the Rasmussen survey showed.

Obama still leads among those under 40, while Cain has the edge among those over 40.

The GOP hopeful leads by 16 points among those over 65, the survey found.

The President’s health care law has been very unpopular among those over 65. Most voters continue to favor its repeal, the survey noted.

Cain attracts only 72% of the Republican vote, while the President pulls in 82% support from voters in his party.

Cain, however, leads by 19 points among voters not affiliated with either major party.

SMH… We hope black folks are not falling for the okey doke and just supporting “the GOP’s answer for Obama” because they want to see another black man in office.

There is a such thing as “our color but not our kind” if you know what we mean.

Here’s a video of this clown singing about the joys of pizza for your reference. We would like to think our President has too much dignity to be singing about some damn pizza.

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