Dreams Come True: People That Got Famous Then Smashed Stars They Used To Fantasize About In High School

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This is actually kind of creepy when you think about it…

Just a few short years ago, these stars were just like us: sitting in high school fantasizing about celebrities and wishing we could get with them. The lucky ones get to make it to the big leagues and actually meet these stars. And sometimes they get to lay the smash down. It’s an American dream. Here are some celebrities that looked up to the stars, then found themselves in bed with them.

Cam Newton and Ciara – This story broke today and we can just say congrats to Cam for his success and ability to pull someone that was poppin’ when he was playing on Friday nights. But what happened to his college sweetheart, though? Oh well, it happens.

Carmelo and LaLa –Lala was on MTV back in 1999 and everyone thought she was hot. Melo was only 15 when LaLa was on every television in America. Now, he’s wifed her up. Wonder if he made little LaLa sketches in his notebook during Bio class?

Lil Wayne and Trina – Yeah, we know Weezy was famous back in high school, but he was still in high school. In 1998, Trina hit the scene and Weezy wasn’t even old enough to drive. Fast forward a decade and Weezy was chopping up those thickety thick thighs.

Diddy and Cassie – We doubt Cassie was fantasizing about Diddy when she was coming up, but she definitely knew who he was. Imagine having someone’s music in your Discman, then getting chopped down by that person in a few years. Is it cool, groupies?

Drake and Rihanna – Drake was older when Rih Rih was dropping her first hits, but he still played a high school kid on TV. So he definitely counts. Plus, he seems totally star struck by her. Act like ya been there before, dude.

Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri – JD overachieved on so many levels here. He was 14 when Janet’s “Control” dropped in 1986. 20 years later, he was chopping those cakes down. We can’t tell you how disturbing that is. Yes, we’re slightly hating.

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    Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran – Chris Brown’s boo is allegedly 23. Which would put her right at the end of her high school career when Breezy was a teen heartthrob. Now he’s chopping those cakes down and NOT getting her pregnant. High school girls around the world are jealous.

    Rihanna and Shaun O’Shaughnessy –Rihanna’s new stud was just 16 in 2005 when Rihanna’s first singles were hitting the airwaves. Be he didn’t know he’s be chopping those cakes down when she first popped off. That lucky sonofagun.

    Shaq and Hoopz – She was 10 when Shaq was drafted in the NBA! How weird is that? We’re more than sure she wasn’t fantasizing over him, but she definitely knew who he was as she was growing up.

    Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union – Who didn’t want to chop down Miss Union back when she first hit the scene in 1999? D Wade sure did. He was just 17, but now that he’s a grown man, he’s living out his dream and slam dunking those cakes to smithereens. Who needs another NBA championship when you got that?

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    • November

      *le sigh* Maybe in a perfect world…. Larenz Tate, Omar Epps, Blair Underwood, and Morris Chestnut would leave their wives for me and we all move to Utah and practice poligamy and we will have a show called “The Brother Husbands” and my current non famous husband will be the live in nanny! LOL!

    • Mrs. Rance

      November, we’ll have to be sister wives with our super fine brother husbands. Problem is my non famous husband ain’t havin it. He’ll throw salt all in our situation in the form of busting capps. Hater.

    • Tk

      Epic fail…. How can u miss Nick ans Mariah

    • Mystique

      What about TI and Tiny? Or like Tk said, Nick and Mariah? Even Will and Jada since she was dancing to his songs in high school along with Tupac. Come on, this happens way too often to have a list full of non-celebs who lucked up and hit or got smashed by someone in the spotlight.

    • Mrs.LorenzTate

      I Agree with TK & Mystique Yall missing a couple of people that were just obvious includin Beyonce and JayZ he’s in his 40s nd she just turned 30 and November & Mrs.Rance I feel yall!

    • November

      LMAO @ Mrs. Rance!

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