When You Can See The Checks About To Stop: Is Kelly Rowland The Reason No One Watches X-Factor In The UK???

- By Bossip Staff

Poor Kelly just cannot win, can she?

After her much-bigger-in-the-UK-than-the-US popularity landed her a spot as a judge on X-Factor UK, people are saying she’s the main reason no one fawks with the show anymore.

Simon Cowell has reportedly expressed his anger at The X Factor producers after the show lost more than two million viewers.

“The figures are hugely disappointing for The X Factor because the whole point of the live shows is that they are supposed to build momentum.”

The source added: “Last year there were nearly 14million watching the second live show. Where have all those viewers gone? It’s no wonder Cowell has gone ballistic. Losing viewers is the last thing he wanted to happen.”

Kelly Rowland is being blamed for causing trouble on the show, with The Sun claiming she’s been “bossing about” fellow panelist Tulisa Contostavlos and telling Louis Walsh’s acts to scrap his ideas.

The insider revealed: “Kelly is trying to turn this into The Kelly Show with her meddling — and it’s really putting people’s noses out of joint. The contestants love it as they’re in awe of her but the judges hate it.”

“Tulisa has properly fallen out with her after Kelly went to speak to her about the styling and songs and vocals for Rhythmix.”

They explained: “Tulisa just ignored her and was fuming that she was poking her nose in. Kelly walked off muttering something about, ‘Tulisa not wanting her advice, even though she has sold millions of records and was in the biggest girl group ever’.

Wow. Kelly’s feeling herself THAT much? AND her behind the scenes shenanigans are seeping out into the show’s popularity? It has nothing to do with the fact that Simon bounced and left lackluster replacements for his UK audience, right?


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