Eff A Dirty Racist Pig: FBI Pops N-Word Spewing NYPD Cop For Lying About Arrests

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It’s guys like these that have people screaming EFF THE POLICE! Another day, another DIRTY RACIST piece of isht pig. The latest criminal in the NYPD to be brought to charges is named Michael Daragjati, and so far no official photos have been released of him — just courtroom sketches. Wonder why that is?

Probably because word has already gotten out that this OFFICER OF THE LAW abused his position to arrest at least one black man, and who knows how many more, just because he felt like it…

A hate-spewing city cop roamed his beat like it was Mississippi in the ’60s — once even hauling an innocent black man to jail for talking back, then boasting that he had “fried another n—–,” officials said yesterday.

FBI agents yesterday busted the rogue NYPD officer, Michael Daragjati, on gross civil-rights violations for deliberately falsifying the arrest against the man, officials said.

Daragjati is nothing less than “a blatant racist” and “a violent person … who has no respect for the law,’’ Assistant US Attorney Paul Tuchmann said at the disgraced cop’s arraignment in Brooklyn federal court.

Daragjati, an eight-year veteran assigned to the NYPD’s anti-crime unit on Staten Island, had been on patrol in plainclothes with his partner when they stopped the black man in the Stapleton section for an unknown reason on the evening of April 15, the feds said.

“Daragjati forcibly pushed [the man] against the side of a parked car and roughly frisked him,’’ according to court papers. The cop did not find contraband or a weapon on the man.

When the man griped about his treatment, Daragjati promptly arrested him — although he had no probable cause, feds said.

Daragjati wound up filing a police report in Richmond County Criminal Court falsely claiming that the man had “flailed his arms and kicked his legs during the arrest,’’ allowing the officer to charge the man with resisting arrest, authorities said.

After hauling the man to the 120th Precinct station house, Daragjati allegedly told him that he would have let him go “but that [he] really did not like being disrespected,’’ the court papers said.

The man was kept in jail for a day and half, prosecutors say.

The 32-year-old officer’s undoing resulted from the fact that he didn’t know that the FBI was already investigating him for alleged insurance fraud — and monitoring his text messages and phone calls.

In some texts and phone calls that Daragjati made later that evening to an NYPD sergeant, he lied about the black man’s actions before his arrest, prosecutors said.

The next day, the FBI also intercepted a call that Daragjati made to a female friend in which he discussed the bust.

“Another n—– fried, no big deal,” Daragjati told the woman, who responded by laughing, according to a transcript of the call filed in Brooklyn federal court.

Other damning phone calls followed. In these casual chats with various people, Daragjati used the N-word freely, on more than a dozen occasions, officials said.

In one call, Daragjati was discussing the difficulty of loading a motorcycle into the high bed of a pickup truck, prosecutors say.

Daragjati suggested that his friend “pile some n—–s up and drive it over them,” according to the transcript.

The officer admitted in one conversation that he’d be in big trouble if anyone knew how he really acted — acknowledging he’d be fired if his bosses knew he would at times “throw somebody a beating,” prosecutors say in court documents.

Officials say Daragjati also was involved in an extortion scheme with an off-duty snowplow business.

Magistrate Judge Joan Azrack ordered Daragjati held without bail.

The NYPD has suspended Daragjati.

What thee uckfay? Forget about suspending him — keep him in that cell, just like he did that innocent man. The courts need to make an example out of this ignant peon.

Oh and where is this dude’s mugshot? It ain’t right that he’s being shielded like this, as much as they parade other folks in front of the camera for public display. Let’s put this racist on blast!


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