Up In The Cluuuub, Bump Errybody! A Gallery Of The Hottest Celebrities In Their Hottest Club Gear

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Celebs love partying. You would too if people paid you to do it! Because of that, we see them out all the time. Let’s enjoy the hottest pictures of celebs out on the town in their skimpiest, flashiest outfits.

Click through and enjoy! And for fun, share any stories you have of partying out with celebs.

Mya – She doesn’t need to drop an album. All she needs to do is keep hitting up those clubs in tight a$$ outfits to show off those cakes and thighs. Actually, we’d buy a photo album of Mya at the club. That’d make our lives wonderful.

Rihanna – Rihanna looooooves the clubs. Strip club, dance club, get crunked up club. Any one. While she looks fly in every example, this one with the pasties is just wonderful. We wonder if it got hot enough for her to take her jacket off.

Rosa Acosta –Rosa lives in the club, too. This picture makes her look like the jolliest rancher ever invented. If she just goes from gym to club forever, then the world will be blessed.

Ashanti – It’s good to see that Ashanti is still looking together despite not doing much these days. That’s all good, her and Nelly probably spend all the time bumping uglies and enjoying the money they probably saved up from when they were hot.

Beyonce – It’s hard to get a candid of Beyonce since she always has that security to knock you out if you try to test her. But occasionally she’ll hit the spot with Jigga in tow. Now, she just sits around and rubs her belly, waiting for Jayzeyonce to plop out.

Coco and Amber Rose – Two of the most famous hip-hop honeys here hugging up on each other in their skimpiest late night get-ups. We bet Ice T was trying to get them to join in with him for just one night. That’d be a wild one.

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    Meagan Good – Yeah, she’s given herself to the Lord. And we just gave our hearts to those legs. That’s a miracle for real. We wonder if she still hits the club as much if she’s out praying all the time.

    Rocsi – Look at Rocsi twerking it up on Terrance. We see you, baby girl. Now if the regular folks in the world could get some of that grind action, people would be happy.

    Tahiry – Look. At. That. Every time Tahiry hits the scene, her rump steals the show. It’s just not fair. This is from a party in New York, so Big Apple people, go out and find this treasure.

    Dollicia Bryan – Bow Wow’s ex-boo (that’s still weird for us to think about) brings out her best dresses for the club. She never misses. We can’t say a bad thing about her club gear. Great goodness.

    Ciara and LaLa – These two got closer when Amar’e started chopping down Ci-Ci. And they look like quite the tandem here. Those Knicks parties must have been wild. We bet the other Knicks players’ girls were a little self-conscious going out with these two.

    Kimmy Cakes – She definitely earned her name. This dress looks like it was spray painted on or something. We hope she wasn’t trying to dip or shake her tailfeather in this. Someone might get hurt.

    Nicki Minaj – Sure, Nicki’s rocked more caked out outfits in her time. But this one is good and fun. Can’t complain about anything Nicki wears, really. Except maybe that fashion week experiment she tried.

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