Baby Daddy Drama: Halle Berry’s Donor Gabriel “K-Fraudy” Aubry Gets Some Janky Visitation Privileges…Can Only See Nahla When Nanny Is Present

- By Bossip Staff

“Poor Gabe:

Via Radaronline:

The custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry over their beautiful daughter, Nahla, wages on with no visible end in sight. Attorneys for the warring couple were back in court Monday in Los Angeles, and it was a sweet victory for the 45-year-old actress, is exclusively reporting.

Aubry had requested an amendment to his visitation rights, which currently insist that the bulk of his time with his three-year-old daughter be supervised by a third party, but the judge ruled in favor of Berry, who was opposing any change.

Aubry is allowed three hours alone time with Nahla, where he can take her to the park or carry out an activity, but the order remains that the nanny must be present at all other times, especially during overnight stays.

A source close to the situation tells that Gabriel is furious over not being allowed to care for his daughter on his own and that he feels the nanny is encroaching on his relationship with Nahla, and supervising their every move.


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  • Blue Moon

    He’s gonna hurt the nanny..I wouldn’t sleep if I were her

  • gina

    He must be a serious foul baby daddy for the court to make that decision!

  • Mila

    Money can buy you anything these days..even babies!Smh..this is sad,3hrs @ a time..supervised?This is crazy,Halle is a dumb b-word in my book for this one.What was PROVEN that he did to only get 3hrs of supervised visits..TF?this would make me so mad.If I were him It would make me not want to spend any time with her @ all.Which isn’t right,but WHY do these babymama’s have to make it so hard for men to take care of their kids?

  • layla

    Mila, this was decided by a judge and both parties were represented by lawyers. Originally Aubry had no problem with it (3hrs of unsupervised visitation), and agreed to it. He wasn’t mad then…
    What does that say about him?
    Okay, he changed his mind, but remember that the judge knows facts that we do not.

  • Mrs. Rance

    A nanny is an employee and I would treat her as such. These are not supervised visits and she damn sure can’t tell him what to do. He needs to man up and put his foot down if she is overstepping.

  • http://google SMH

    He’s not all that concerned about the baby, the custody battle is a ploy he uses to hurt Halle because he knows it would break her down if she lost. White men have sadistic ways to get back at rejection.
    Halle need to pay a couple thugs to make him go bye bye.

  • notangie

    Women that have kids and think that their role in parenting is more important than the father are in for a rude awakening. When these little girls grow up trying to find a “daddy” or their sons have low self esteem they will see what they are doing. I have never allowed anyone to mistreat me because I was loved and adored by BOTH PARENTS even after divorce.

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