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This film is said to be a powerful and moving look at women’s issues and how the media has affected our view of women today.

It made me want to cry — or scream — or both.

That’s how I felt watching the trailer for the upcoming film “Miss Representation” — about the depiction of women in the media. (If you haven’t seen it yet, click here and watch right this minute; then read the rest of this.)

It’s not hard to see why the film’s message strikes a chord or why women are sending it flying around Facebook.

“Miss Representation” is beautifully done and includes interviews with an amazing array of accomplished women, but to me, what stands out is the feeling of déjà vu. And not just because Gloria Steinem is interviewed.

What Steinem helped to lead was called the women’s “movement.” The movie trailer makes you wonder whether we’ve really moved forward — or if we’ve moved backwards.

In a poignant way, the film illustrates much of what we’ve gained — and lost. And it’s hard not to see the irony in the phrase women’s “liberation” when the women of yesterday freed themselves from girdles and burned their bras, only to see today’s women stuffed in Spanx and sporting silicone.

Not to mention how confusing the mixed messages about what it means to be a woman are for our daughters. And our sons.

Watch the trailer to the film below.

OWN will be showing “Miss Representation” at 9pm ET tonight.



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