Can’t We All Just Get Along? A Look At Some Ugly, Nasty Custody And Child Support Battles

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When couples that have children split, they have to deal with nasty custody and child support issues. When millionaire couples with children split and there’s more money to spread around, things get even worse.

Here’s a look at some decidedly nasty custody and child support battles that celebrities have had to endure to take care of them damn kids!

50 Cent – He and his baby momma battled endlessly over the custody of his son. And you’re not going to believe the accusations that he burned his own house down to get her out of there, will you? Either way, just the fact that people are talking about it like that make the custody/child support issue ugly as hell.

Halle Berry – Her and her sperm donor are still beefing over custody. There apparently is no end in sight, either. He should have never dropped that N bomb on her.

Nas and Kelis – We support a woman’s desire to make sure her kids are taken care of. But sticking Nas for 50K in child support a month?! Thats’ foul. No wonder Nas was so angry for so long. That’s just goldduggery at its best.

Britney Spears and K-Fraud – Brit Brit went absolutely crazy, causing K-Fraud to want custody of his kids. The fight went on for a while, but imagine how crazy you have to be for a judge to even consider giving kids to Kevin friggin Federline.

Kelsey and Camille Grammer – After Kelsey kicked her to the curb, she’s been trying to maintain custody of her kids. They seem to be in and out of court just about every day and can’t get anything worked out. C’mon people. Let’s get it together.

Michael Jackson – All this chick was, was an egg donor. But when people started questioning MiJack’s parenting, Debbie wanted her kids (and 50K). Eventually, Michael got his kids back and we’re starting to think she wanted a little bit of cash. Just sayin.

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    Christie Brinkley – Her and her hubbie had an amicable divorce at first. Then, it got nasty when the custody issues came. Turns out he was spending a fortune on adult movies and sending out videos of him playing with his own tools in the woodshed. Ew. That was enough to give her the kids, but did we need all of those details?!

    Master P – Master P only pays $271 a month in child support?! This dude is trying to start whole television networks but he’s not even paying enough for a Playstation?! You serious? She needs to get at him for his bread.

    Evander Holyfield – We should donate him a few bucks every week because he’s close to poor from all the child support he has to pay. Homie has damn near a dozen kids and they’re draining him. Scratch the donation. Let’s mail him some Trojans. Because now he’s claiming he doesn’t have enough money for child support. Sorry buddy.

    Charlie Sheen – It was all good until stories of him and his coke parties and hookers came out. His baby momma was super anxious to snatch those kids back. And we don’t blame her. Charlie needed a break for his own well-being.

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