In “Business Venture Sure To Fail” News: MC Hammer Is About To Compete With Google

- By Bossip Staff

MC Hammer is trying to make that super bread with his new search engine venture.

MC Hammer, entertainer-turned-entrepreneur, demonstrated some of the capabilities of WIREDoo, which Hammer called both “Deep Search” and “Relationship Search,” at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Hammer, cognizant of the presence of Google co-founder Sergay Brin in the audience, said that the technology isn’t meant to replace existing search, but to add value. Specifically, search queries add the notion of data relationships to results. For example a search of the word “car” might also come with the relationships to insurance, cost, specs, mileage, and who the driver will be. A search for “home” might also include relationships to community, schools, financing, insurance and so on.

According to the people in attendance, Hammer’s site might actually be pretty useful and a viable contender for Google’s crown. Maybe Hammer will end up with more money than Jay-Z after all. Hey, anything is possible.

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