Get Ya Grub On: A Gallery Of Celebrities Looking Crazy As Hell While Trying To Stuff Their Faces

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You know when people look their craziest? Probably when they’re chowing down. Good thing nobody is taking pictures of you while you’re eating. And double good thing people are taking pictures of these celebrities while they’re eating so we can point and laugh at them till our heart’s content. Enjoy!

Beyonce – Yeah, we see you getting your grub on, B. No shame. We know that you’ve probably been eating up a storm with your pregnant a$$. Can’t wait to see those pictures of you with a fruit roll-up, a slice of turkey and a grilled cheese sandwich all resting on your tummy.

George W. Bush – You know what picture we would have loved to see of our beloved former president? The one with him choking on that damn pretzel. That would have made our day. That was probably the craziest moment in Lil Tink Tink’s life.

Rihanna – We would like to keep this PG-13, so we’ll just move on. Nothing good can come of commenting on what she’s doing.

Whitney Houston – Look at Whitney eating her pre-crack meal AKA her post-crack meal. We don’t even know what she’s eating and she probably doesn’t either.

J. Lo – What in God’s name? Is that a hot dog? And why is she squeezing it like that? Maybe that’s why her men have all had to flee. Goodness!

Barack Obama – You can probably find a million pictures of Barack eating something from his campaign tours, but this one is hilarious. Look at him going straight for every bit of that sammich like a champ. That’s a president we can be proud of.

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    Paris Hilton – Look at Paris munching on a kabob. No, that wasn’t a dirty joke. It’s an actual kabob this time. Get your minds out of the gutter, kids. We know what you’re thinking. Oh, nevermind.

    Kimmy Cakes – Look at Miss Cakes going at that sushi. At least she’s staying eating healthy food. She’s gotta keep that body tight for when she’s single again in 3…2…

    Denzel Washington – He goes to every Lakers game because he loves them. He also can’t help but grab a handful of popcorn or pretzels either. If you’re going to see the Lake Show play, you’re going to catch Denzel eating. But is he jacking some popping corn from some fan? Gully!

    Al Sharpton And Foxy Brown – Okay, we’re not going to make a joke about him shoving things in young women’s mouths. Right, Lisa Raye? We are, however, going to wonder what in the funky dipdoodlin’ hell is going on here? Someone explain!

    Justin Bieber – He should be ashamed of himself. This picture will only be used to perpetuate the stereotype that white people love chicken. Bieber’s forefathers have fought for years to beat this myth down and here he is chomping down on some Church’s. For shame, Biebs! FOR SHAME!

    Oprah – She probably hadn’t had a bite of real food since five years before this picture with all that dieting she was doing. No wonder she let out a tribal yelp once she finally took a bite. Slow down, baby.

    Michelle Obama – You can’t tell us she doesn’t have the ill “this ish right here?! THIS ISH RIGHT HERE?!” while eating that celery stick. She’s into it! If she’s that dedicated to health, we can’t help but do a jumping jack for her. But just one. We want some of Bieber’s chicken leg.

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