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So, basically we’re not going to have a damn season.

In short, nearly the worst kind of news. The NBA and NBPA met for another long mediated session Thursday. The result? At around 7:35 EST Adam Silver and Peter Holt held a press conference to announce that talks have broken down and no further meetings are scheduled.

Silver would not confirm any further cancelations of games, but the mood is extremely grim.

Silver did confirm that the issue that lead to the breakdown between the owners and union was back to BRI. There had been a significant amount of talk about the issues being systemic issues, particularly the luxury tax and revenue sharing. Silver revealed that the union had lowered its offer to 52.5 percent of BRI, with the owners holding the line at 50/50, still.

Ken Berger reported Monday that the owners’ 50/50 offer was back to a 49-51 range. The question is whether the concessions made in the systemic issues pushed the players back to a flat 50/50. Silver also said that the two sides were “far apart” on systemic issues.

Silver told reporters that the players in essence wanted a trade-off. In essence, if the players were conceding on BRI, they wanted more from the systemic issues.

These people have been meeting for 30 hours and they can’t come up with something? We could sit down some bloods and crips down for 30 hours and they’d work out a better deal. What’s up with these people?! SMH. Oh well, goodbye Christmas and probably goodbye 2011-2012 season.



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