In Heart Attack News: The McRib Is Coming Back!

- By Bossip Staff

Get in line for the return of the Heart Attack Sandwich.

After years and years of begging and petitioning from fans, McDonald’s will be releasing the McRib again through November 14th. That’s right, people have essentially been begging to die from high cholesterol and Yuck poisoning. Usually, it’s up to individual store owners if they want to bring the sandwich back, but the folks at McDonald’s have listened to the people! And the people want the McRib!

Rumor has it that if you come within 400 feet of the McRib smell, you gain two pounds and raise your blood pressure. True story. Aw, you don’t care. You still want that faux-BBQ all over your chins. To each his own.

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  • L. Chase

    I live in kansas, it never left. They bring it back like 2-3 times a year like kfc honey bbq wings and wendy’s cheddar mushroom melt.

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