What Part Of The Game Is That?? Moammar Gadhafi Allegedly Sodomized Before Dying From Gunshot Wounds

- By Bossip Staff


New video seems to show that Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi was forcibly sodomized as he slowly died from gunshot wounds. Not a great way to go, but he wouldn’t be the first dictator to either suffer from a tortured death or have his corpse desecrated by revenge-seekers.

There’s something about reaping what you sow, but there’s also, you know, the whole “be civilized” thing and not stooping down to a monster’s level.

Peep video HERE


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  • islam

    Usa tells all lies.it is said never believe everything u hear. This was a gd man n personal friend of Farakhan. He commited himself 2 allah n did not deserve to die this way. Usa(satan) wanted control so they can have access 2 the digging rights of this country n americanize it w so called freedom. He refused n stood his ground w his muslim belief. Usa needed him out of the way n put someone who will obey n agree w their satanic ways. So be it,reaping wht u sow-will go to isreal(jews) and usa for their greed n muder..wake up people n realize the truth behind the lies. GOD bless.

  • Rigch

    @ Islam. Peace brother! Ghaddafi was a great man and hopefully his legacy will be remember for fighting these beast who have oppressed African people. Ghaddafi nationalized the oil try to create a self contained Africa reestablishing its continental might. To the NATO backed rebels in the words of Ghaddafi WHAT ARE YOU DOING. WHAT YOUR DOING IS NOT ISLAM. for the record I am not Muslim but I recognize the Korans base principles African in origin

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