Matrimony-dom: Is Royce Reed’s NFL Baller Boo Ready To Put A Ring On It???

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like Royce Reed has taken a page from Evelyn Lozada’s book and fallen head over heels with an NFL baller, Dezmon Briscoe who is also already talking marriage with the “Basketball Wives” dancer/actress!

The couple has been giving up lots of PDA on Twitter and Dez hasn’t been shy about making it known that he wants Royce to have his last name.

Keep clicking to check out the tweets:

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  • Stacy

    Am i the only 1 disturbed by the fact that he has a Newborn son dez jr in Dallas!
    His mom shannon posted the twitpics.The babies 2 weeks old. Talk about Drama

  • nicole

    @stacy…your talking abt two different people!! Dez Bryant who play for the Dallas Cowboys has a son Dez JR. Not this guy! So messy!

  • Stacy

    @nicole no this one too sweetheart!
    The bucs Briscoe

  • Guest

    Wow does he really have an infant child? Well at least he and Royce weren’t dating at that time…at least I don’t think they were. But that now begs the question, if they’ve been dating less than 9 or 10 months, why all the marriage talk? They’re fast movers, while still in the euphoric stage of their relationship. Royce better keep a look out for him to possibly creep with his “baby mama.”

  • sheshe

    So what he has a two week old child..I n my sons father weren’t together when we had our son not that he didn’t come back home…..

  • brittany mccarter

    If he does have a baby so what as long as he is a father to his child he can do what he wants.. he is grown and so is she… He could’ve been doing him chick got pregnant and of course she gon keep it he is in the NFL that’s how chicks do. Royce may or may not have been there thru it all but she here now and when u love someone there is no time limit… I hate people always in celebrity business let them do them … I’m happy for em… Do ya thing…..

  • Jessica Lopez

    Awwww,Itz cute Royce Deserves To Be Happy After All Da Drama Shes Put Up With I Love Her Lil Short Self!!!!!!!!Congrats Royce On Ur New Found Love Haterz Wilk Be Hater Out shine Them,Though Cuz Dats Wat They Hate Most They Dont Wanna,See You Happy……..CONGRATS

  • queent

    Actuallyif u look on his moms twitpics he has 2 kids, they look about 6-8 months apart too, smh. it would be too much for me to deal with but I’m happy for Royce if she’s happy

  • Mrs. Hawkins

    People need to mind their business. I’m happy for them if they do decide too. I’m a true believer that a man knows what he wants in a lady/wife. And if he do have a baby nobody knows his situation,maybe baby mama gave child to him or etc. As long as he takes good care of the child there is nobodys business who he dates as long as she respects d child and loves d baby and never mistreats him. I believe he has a winner. Congrads to them and as long as they put God first in their relationship they can’t go wrong.

  • You go girl!!..everybody deserves to be happy..glad you have something that the BBWs will never have..TRUE LOVE:->

    You go girl..I’m glad you found some-one that makes you happy..Evelyn eat your heart out!!

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Go Royce!!!! I’m happy for her! And who gives a shat if he has kids that don’t mean nothin’! Do u Royce!

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