End Of Days: One Third Of Thailand Is Under Flood Waters, 366 People Killed In Three Months

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Shyte is beyond real in Thailand right now.

The government has declared a holiday in 21 counties affected by flooding from Thursday to Monday, to allow locals to evacuate or make preparations for the rising water. The only problem is, the government doesn’t sound like they have a plan to actually stop the water.

Residents of Thailand’s Munag Ake village are being urged to evacuate the area early Tuesday morning, according to Thailand’s Flood Relief Operations Center.

The center’s director said parts of a dike at Tambon Lak Hok, Muang District, Pathum Thani province have broken and a mass of water is expected to flow into the village.

Flood waters could reach almost five feet (1.5 meters) in the village. The FROC said the Royal Thai Armed Forces will have vehicles at Rangsit University in Munag Ake village and will be moving residents out of the area.

In addition, the Thai Cabinet announced Tuesday public holidays for the end of the month due to anticipated high tides, which could further devastate the flood-ravaged country.

The holidays will be from Thursday to next Monday and will be effective in 21 provinces that are still under water, including Bangkok and its suburban provinces, a government spokeswoman said.

“The government would like to give time to people in affected areas to prepare for floods during high tide periods between (October) 28 to 30. Some people who have houses outside Bangkok could be able to live there during flood period,” said Thitima Chaiseang, the government spokeswoman.

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra urged employers in both the private and public sectors to allow time off for staff affected by the floods.

In addition to allowing time off, Thailand’s Public Health Minister Wittaya Buranasiri has ordered health units be established to help ease the stress of residents. He said there are about 100,000 people suffering from stress related to the flooding.

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