Scandalous Hoes: California Woman Sets Up An Elaborate Scheme To Have Her “Boyfriend” Robbed!!

- By Bossip Staff

Keep one eye on yo’ riches and the other on these beyitches…

On Sunday evening at 8:37 pm, a man and woman were accosted by a knife wielding suspect inside the gated Irvine Cove Community. The male suspect robbed the couple as they were walking up a stairwell leading from the beach to Riviera Drive. He had them get on the ground and threatened to stab them if they did not comply with his demands. The robber proceeded to take the male victim’s wallet, car keys and iPhone 4s. He told them to stay on the ground as he ran from the area.

The male victim made his way to a neighboring residence and pounded on the door while telling the residents to call 911. Officers arrived a short time later and met with the couple. They described the suspect as wearing a hooded sweatshirt and bandana to cover his face. They last saw him driving away in the victim’s silver 2003 Mercedes Benz C240.

Laguna Beach Dispatchers contacted the Orange County Auto Theft Task Force and notified them of the robbery. The following morning, their investigators located the Mercedes parked in a Costa Mesa alley. While conducting surveillance on the vehicle, they saw a female get into the car and drive to a local hotel (Harbor Bay Inn, Costa Mesa). The female parked the car and went into a room.

Sounds like a terrible night right? Well, it gets worse.

Detectives from the Laguna Beach Police Department responded to the area and located the woman who had moved the car. She was taken into custody for possession of stolen property. They also contacted a male subject who ended up being the suspect that committed the robbery and stole the car. Both of these individuals were arrested yesterday afternoon and booked at the Laguna Beach Police Department.

Through subsequent interviews, the detectives learned that the female robbery victim was actually the person who planned the crime. She had set up the male victim because she thought he might have expensive belongings on him, or inside the car.

She was tracked to Mission Viejo late last evening and found to be in the company of the male victim. Detectives arrested her and notified the male that his girlfriend had actually set him up. He was noticeably shocked at the revelation.

It’s a dirty game out there folks, be mindful of you who fawk with…


Flip the page to see the mugshots and the list of charges.

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