Another Day, Another Kimmy Cakes Marriage Is Down The Drain Quote: “Kris Is Not Drinking The Kardashian Kool-Aid, And It’s Causing Problems”

- By Bossip Staff

Surprise, suprise:

Just two months since their lavish, $10 million wedding, the newlyweds “are not getting along at all,” a source tells the new Us Weekly. “Kris is not drinking the Kardashian Kool-Aid, and it’s causing major problems.” At issue? While Kardashian, 31, juggles her reality shows and multiple moneymaking ventures, the basketball hunk 26, is unemployed thanks to the NBA lockout — and partying up a storm on his wife’s dime.

The hard-working Kardashian is already near her breaking point, a family friend reveals, and the couple had a huge fight days before her Oct. 21 birthday. “They had it out!” a family friend says. “She told him he needs to do something productive…He needs to get off his a$$, like, yesterday.”

Not everyone’s absolutely shocked by the marital discord — on full display when the newlyweds sat in the audience at Monday’s Dancing with the Stars, showing not one iota of affection. The pair famously married after just nine months of dating. “On some levels,” says the friend, “she feels like she made a mistake.”


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    I do believe they are have marital problems but I don’t knw if he is using up all the money. He may be unemployed but im sure he had money. Plus let us not forget he has well off parents too

  • Kelly

    The marriage was a business arrangement in order to generate higher ratings more $ for the Kardasians. Kim got paid a lot of $$ from in style, people magazine, e network, etc. We saw the lack of display of affection on those so called honeymoon pictures.

  • Yeas

    Their “chemistry” seems forced. Her pimp of a mother told her she needed to do something ASAP to stay relevant so she married the easiest, slowest fool with cash she could find. Reggie was not wifing her up because of the tape and his mothers disapproval, but I digress. Basically, he fell into her trap and now they’re both miserable because he knew nothing about her and still doesn’t and shes just not into the whole married life. Some people are just too self-centered to be married and share the spotlight. Hopefully he wakes up but I doubt it. Smh, oh well they’re not paying my bills so it is what it is lol

  • bossyb

    Really?? Didn’t c that coming, next time gedt to know a bit** b4 u put ring on it

  • raeday

    wow! Im still in awe that she pulled all those millions from those magazines and the e channel! Pimpin aint easy but somebodys gotta do it! Occupy hollywood!

  • Kamie

    They made alot of money together for wedding pics and the reality weddin special! It is their money. He also has his own money…..she is a greedy and extremely selfish person. Sharing and caring about others is not in her nature.

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    Who cares?

  • yup

    The guy is another chris judd, let’s see if he gets a phat settlement for divorcing that “everybody in there coochie”.

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