Where’s Your Head At? The Most Questionable Hair Decisions Of All Time

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Let’s take a look at some people that made horrible decisions about what to do with their hair.

Every move every celebrity makes is always highly scrutinized. But nothing is more focused on than when celebrities have crazy hair changes. Here are some hair changes that made everyone scratch their heads and make fun of the stars in question.

Kanye’s Cut – Let’s face it, Yeezy was going crazy back in 2009. Nobody quote knew what to make of his decisions and his style. This Mayan-style cut he had right around when he was embarrassing pop starlets at the VMAs. What in the world was going on? Illuminati cut?

Kanye’s Faux Fro Hawk – This came during his other crazy time when he was heartbroken and super emo. We think that was an autotuning, emo channeling device on the top of his head. That’s the only excuse we can have for this.

Jigga’s Album Scruff – When Jay makes an album, he neglects to get his hair cut. He also apparently neglects to use a comb, brush, shampoo and conditioner. We get the artistic approach, but you still have to go out in public, homie.

50 Cent’s Perm – We understand that Fiddy likes to do his endorsement thing and money is money. But, dammit, he could have left that cash on the table. This was an epic fail of a move. Pictures last forever, Curtis.

50 Cent’s Corn Rows – Corn rows. In 2011?! In the year 2011 A.D.?! You’re gonna go out there with some braids like it’s hot? In 2011?! Not 1998. 2011. And they have the same amount of hang time as Precious in a long jump. Go back to the drawing board.

LeBron’s Old Man Steez – Bron Bron. Just give it up and go bald. Your hairline is disappearing like you do in the 4th quarter. It’s time to call it a day. Just throw in the towel and get your Jordan swag on. Because right now, that hairline has the epic struggle going on.

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    Breezy’s Blonde Swag – Maybe he was still feenin’ for Rihanna and trying to send her a message or something. Whatever it was, that blonde hair look was bizarre and made us all uncomfortable.

    Rih Rih’s Red Do’ – The red hair was one thing, but the red hair and the bob combo made the whole thing really bizarre. It looked better when she “grew it out,” but the original shirt version does not even begin to work.

    Diddy’s Hawk – Diddy did this because he said it was better for his aerodynamics for a marathon he was running. Oh yeah, it also made him look like a frikkin idiot. He didn’t even keep it tight!

    Artest’s Bizarre Look – Not only was Artest’s purple and gold hair was not only really dumb looking, it was also unoriginal! Dennis Rodman did the same thing like 15 years ago. Get with it, Ronnie.

    Kardashian’s Braids – Oh, so you’re just gonna go and make “music” and an R&B “song” and think the braids come with it? Go sit ya thick tail down somewhere. You look like a big booty’d Avatar.

    Cassie’s Kinda Bald Thing – Remember those episodes of Tom & Jerry where Tom gets sliced by the lawnmower and it leaves a whole side of his body bald? We think this is exactly what happened to Cassi.

    Coolio’s…Thing – What in the everloving StankHell is this? Coolio fell way off and the hair doesn’t help at all. It’s like he got possessed by some evil demon. Hide ya kids!

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