Forget Jennifer Aniston! Here Are 11 Bodies You Should REALLY Strive For

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Yesterday we showed you a survey that said women would most rather have Jennifer Aniston’s body than anyone else’s. Baloney!

She topped stars like Halle Berry, Beyonce and Kimmy Cakes. The whole situation was crazy and made us question the women that filled out the survey. To help you ladies out, we have 10 other bodies can set your mind to that didn’t make the list.

Mel B – Look at those abs. She looks like a mannequin. And she’s had a couple of babies already. All mothers should hit her up and find out what the secret is. Still hard to imagine that she used to be a Spice Girl.

Ciara – She’s always super fit and that hasn’t changed since she hit the seen. Her abs and legs are always cut up. She might be too cut up for some tastes, but you can’t go wrong with Ci-Ci’s bod.

Serena Williams – She’s a world-class athlete so what would you expect? For the women out there that desire tight abs and humongous rumps, hang her picture on your wall. Also, her cardio game is on point.

Janet Jackson – She deserves to be on this list for keeping that body well into her 40s. Yes, she’s had a bit of boob work, but look beyond that to the rest of her. Jennifer Aniston can’t hold a candle to Janet.

Nicole Scherzinger – Want the perfect dancer body? Yeah, this is it. Nicole has stayed slim and defined since forever. Just look at this bikini pic. It wouldn’t hurt to pick up her dance moves, too.

Teyana Taylor – She wears baggy clothes, so those abs get hidden. But some would say she has the perfect body. So what if she’s so young. A body like that is definitely attainable if you put your mind to it.

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    Rosa Acosta – For people that think flexibility and yoga don’t do anything for your body, just look at Rosa. She’s an example of how dexterity can do wonders. She mayyyy have some augmentation but you’d still be fine without it.

    Kelly Rowland –She’s got the dark and lovely look. She looks just like she did when she started as one of Destiny’s Child. In 15 years, her body hasn’t changed. So she definitely deserves a spot on the list.

    Christina Milian – She just had her baby, but you can’t tell by looking at her. See, Aniston’s never had a kid, so she never had to come back from that. That’s an unfair advantage. Christina came back, like, the next day and looks just as hot as she did weeks before.

    Keri Hilson – Finally, if you want that SUPER skinny look, then Keri is what you want. She’s got that down but still manages to be curvy. It’s difficult to pull off, but she definitely makes it work. You can too!

    Pilar Sanders – If you’re Deion Sanders’ wife, you probably have to work hard to keep up with him. Pilar does that and does it well. Of everyone on this list, she may have the best abs. Plus, she’s up there in age, which makes it even more amazing.

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