Which One Would You Hit???

- By Bossip Staff
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C.Breezy or Mr. Black and Yellow???

Last night in Philadelphia Hip-Hop/R&B station Power 99 held their annual Powerhouse concert and both Mr. Brown and Mr. Khalifa showed up to entertain the people. Based on the pictures both performances were…interesting, to say the least.

What we want to know is, ladies (and some of you fellas…), which on would you hit???

These two characters seem to have some sort of genetic predisposition to doing things with their crotch while on stage.

Flip the pages to see what we’re talkin’ about…

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    • Kutta Mo.Fo.

      C Breezy, I guess. I wouldn’t want anything Amber’s had.

    • Christielove1468

      Definitely Chris Brown

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