Trick Or…Um…Trick: The Hoe-y Halloween Costume Hall Of Fame

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Want proof that Halloween is just an excuse for people to dress like they’re on their way to the shake shack? Look no further than these celebrities in their skimpiest costumes.

People say that Halloween is nothing but a celebration of women dressing with as little clothing as possible. If you went out and partied this weekend, then you probably saw women as hoe-y nurses, hoe-y cheetahs or hoe-y…um…hoes. It’s become part of the tradition. Here are some famous costumes that are going in the Hall of Fame.

Mariah’s Angel Wings – Mariah is one of the biggest Halloween fans out there. And since she got with Nick, she’s been really in the spirit. We haven’t seen her in her post-baby Halloween get-up, but we’re curious to see it. Plus, we’d like to see how she dressed up M&M.

Rosa and Friends – These ladies deserve their own wing. They took the whole catalogue from the hoe-y Halloween tradition and went with it. We got the nurse, the maid and a few other goodies.

Rihanna’s Cheetah – Rih-Rih sure knows how to flaunt her tailfeather. She treats every day like Halloween and gets in her hottest outfits. Still, she looked super fine here right next to Coco. Speaking of Coco…

Coco – Dominatrix costumes are just screaming out “I’m celebrating Hoe Day!!!” Coco definitely took it there while dragging her hubby along for the ride. These two freaks just need a room somewhere.

Coco Pt. 2 – This year’s costume was different from her dominatrix costume in what way, exactly? Coco is the Queen of hoe-y Halloween but she could come through with some originality. Don’t double dip, Coco.

Coco Pt. 3 aka Nasty Nurse Pt. 1 – Yup, Coco again. This time, she’s stuffed her chesticles into a hoe-y nurse outfit. The nurse outfit is a standard for Halloween. If you saw a girl in one of these, she was definitely acting out her inner freakiness.

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    Nasty Nurse Pt. 2 – Rosa Acosta upped the ante on Coco’s nurse thing. This isn’t a costume as much as it is some sort of nurse lingerie that you get from the sex toy store. We’re on to your game, Rosa.

    The Cat Costume – Rih-Rih did one version of it, but little Miss Preacher’s Daughter sure did hop on the stroll on Halloween. Want to know a secret? The only difference between hoe-y maid and hoe-y cat costume is whisters and ears. The end.

    Miss Officer – Pebblez is knows for her humongous rump. And it’s probably illegal, which makes it ironic that she opted to go with the cop uniform. Again, the cop uniform is a staple of the Hoe-y Hallow’s Eve get-up. Especially when the shorts don’t fit over half the rump.

    Ciara’s Salute – Ci-Ci rocked the navy costume. And, like most women, it didn’t quite look like what the US government would consider standard issue uniform. But hey, we’ll take it. She actually looks like a natural.

    Super Mya – Ah, the super hero costume. Wonder Woman used to fight for rights and the good of all mankind. Now, she’s just an excuse for women to look like they’re about to do a lap dance to “Born In The USA”. Mya and Kimmy Cakes have pulled that look off.

    Ashanti’s Kitty – Another kitty costume. This was from back when people invited Ashanti to events and she didn’t have to pay at the door. However, she rocked a skimpy cat costume. That’s, like, three in this list. Yep, the kitty costume is the way to go for letting your inner hoe out.

    Melyssa Ford – Little Red Riding Hood is another one that gets the inner freak out. Melyssa, of course, took it to another level. Hey, remember when Halloween was about being scary? Yeah, we didn’t either.

    Yes…Another Kitty – You knew Kimmy would be in the mix. And she went with the kitty look, too. It’s like a full body suit that’s somehow more revealing than a half-naked costume. Cheetah print? Yes indeed.

    Another From Kimmy – And finally, we have the corruption of the Disney classics. We bet Aladdin would have lost his damn mind if he saw Jasmine looking like this. There are a lot of women out there acting out some sort of Disney fantasy every Halloween. Let us keep our childhoods!

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