Cry Me A River: Kimmy Cakes Says Finding, Fawking And Fleeing Kris Humphries Was Just “Following Her Heart”

- By Bossip Staff

Poor Kimmy Cakes! She’s having such a hard life and just can’t understand why the media and most of the world is making fun of her for filing for divorce from her Doofus Hubby.

Kim took to her blog to write a “heartfelt” letter to her fans:

This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. I see all of the support and I am so thankful for my fans, friends and family who are helping me through this difficult time.

I am trying not to read all the different media reports but it’s hard not to see all the negative ones. First and foremost, I married for love. I can’t believe I even have to defend this. I would not have spent so much time on something just for a TV show! I share so much of my life on a reality show, that contemplating whether to even film my wedding was a tough decision to make, and maybe it turned out to not be the smartest decision. But it’s who I am! We filmed Kourtney giving birth, Khloe getting married, break ups, make ups, our best moments and our worst moments. These were all real moments. That’s what makes us who we are. We share, we give, we love and we are open!

Everyone that knows me knows that I’m a hopeless romantic! I love with all of my heart and soul. I want a family and babies and a real life so badly that maybe I rushed in to something too soon. I believed in love and the dream of what I wanted so badly. I felt like I was on a fast roller coaster and couldn’t get off when now I know I probably should have. I got caught up with the hoopla and the filming of the TV show that when I probably should have ended my relationship, I didn’t know how to and didn’t want to disappoint a lot of people.

I’m being honest here and I hope you respect my courage because this isn’t easy to go through. But I do know that I have to follow my heart. I never had the intention of hurting anybody and I accept full responsibility for my actions and decisions, and for taking everyone on this journey with me. It just didn’t turn out to be the fairy tale I had so badly hoped for.

There are also reports that I made millions of dollars off of the wedding. These reports are simply not true and it makes me so sad to have to even clarify this. I’m so grateful to everyone who took the time to come to my wedding and I’ll be donating the money for all the gifts to the Dream Foundation.

I’m sorry if I have hurt anyone, but my dad always told me to follow my heart and I believe now that I really am.

Damn Kimberly ain’t even playing fair. She threw the donating to charity and her dad’s advice in there… We can’t even clown her now.

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  • fawkyoukim

    You get a huge fawking hauexsitdown. I used to actually like your selfish azz. Now I just want to ram your head into a brick wall. Was this supposed to make us feel some type of sympathy for you. Please go somewhere and die Kim.

  • Tia

    Awwww, you all filmed all of your life’s moments, the ups and the downs. Now maybe you can film the divorce and life after. Give me a break money grubber!

  • givmeabrek

    Cut the BS Kim,you made money your still making money. Jus remeber this day when your 30 years older and alone

  • ralph

    Sh*t gimme the loot gimme the loot..!!!! Can u say Dollar signs. $$$$

  • KIM KARDASHIAN Says Finding, Fawking And Fleeing Kris Humphries Was Just “Following Her Heart” |

    […] having such a hard life and just can’t understand why the media and most of the world is making fun of her for filing for divorce from her Doofus […]

  • Yama

    Wow does ne one smell crocidile tears this chick really needs to quit she is a disgrace to women and to the vows of marriage who ever believes this hoopla is retarded.

  • team nymphis

    welcome to kossip-where everyday we find a way to headline our favorite celeb


  • ctfu

    The more time she spends talking to media and twitter fans and whatever the hell else this lazy b!+(# is doing the more she looks bad…take a seat hun cause your mom advice on how to deal with this is going to break you in more ways than one.

  • tricia s

    I love you Kim you have all my support you did what you had to do its better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all… you go girl as long as your happy live life love!

  • K

    It was never really love. Love is not selfish and Kim is being selfish. It appears Kim made a decision on feelings! And everyone knows decisions made on feelings are purely selfish and never turn out right. Even if she didn’t do it for the money, it still doesn’t matter because other people have gotten hurt (Kris, his family). Now (because you have been so open with your life) deal with it!!!

  • Steelcitychick

    Funny how she thanks the fans first for their support… they are truely the most important people in her time of need!…..She’s a pathetic piece of shyt….she need to go sit in a corner somewhere for the next 20 yrs….So sick of this trick!

  • Shequita30

    She admitted she should have broke up with him before but she didnt. That just shows she didnt take marriage seriously and was willing to bring down people in the process. I hope Kris learns from this.

  • raeday

    maybe its time to stop living your ‘life’ on tv. LET LOVE RULE!

  • BlackAnastasis

    It doesn’t take a whole damn Novel just to prove Innocence.What do you owe to the public?The fact that you felt the need to defend your actions on a damn blog speaks volumes of Guilt.

  • http://Ajdavis1213@gmail.con Timelessone

    BS Kim kick rocks and let me hold a couple mil!

  • klove

    Kim did u get counsel from a spiritual adviser. Invest so much money to make it happen, invesT in time to get it back, think heavily on the vows and kris

  • Christielove1468

    Cut the fake tears,girl! Kim and her Pimp Mama Kris deserve to be together.

  • cam

    Why is everyone so fascinated n upset by this? Like who didn’t see this coming? I at least thought it would have lasted 5 months but…oh well!!!!

  • http://none Jay


  • Learn more b4 u judge!

    They were 2getha 72 day and he had anotha woman, 4rm wat I learned, yet yaw tawk crazy and dwn on ha. Quit tryna put it all on ha. Ppl say she used hym, 4 wat, hell he cuda used ha!!! Rite afta dey gt married sumbdy stole a large amount of hyz money, really! She already rich, famous,& own some business. Get real!! I gt so sick of SOME men playn da victim. He prob iz hurt bt he did hiz part too. God bless both of them. If it was a set up dey prob wudve tried to make it last longer.

  • Jazzy

    Kim is such a BAD actress… Over there trynna look sad and depressed… PUH-LEASEEEE!!!! If you really married for “LOVE”, then how come I haven’t yet seen in your statement that you Loved Kris or even mention my husband? It’s all about I, Me and you… Kim is a selfish attention money loving person… Just a shame… Smdh

  • Amayah

    GTFOHWTBS!!! Who didnt see this coming?
    I have had sew-ins last longer!!!!

  • Cammie

    I believe her. She got caught up in all the hoopla. That’s what her “career” is built on…hoopla, right? I just don’t understand why would a 30 year old would still use this as an excuse to make bad decisions. She’s acting like a 20 year old Maury guest.

    I’m on her side…I think she’s a good business woman, she’s is about her business to the fullest and it’s unfortunate that she felt the pressure to marry this man. I hope one day she finds a man that will make her happy. Let him be a man that she has no hesitation taking his last name or settling in a place away from all this spotlight. Everyone in this world deserves happiness.

  • Rique

    I’m sorry but the only thing I’ll ever remember Kim Kardashian for is the one thing that got her famous in the first place: F**king Ray J. I never even heard of her until that happened. Also I never heard of Kris Humphries until he got married to her. Whole bunch of basic b*****s if you ask me.

  • MeMe

    I believe she “liked” Kris,but didnt love him..I believe everything was rushed and not thought out. I knew that it would never work when she didnt want to be bothered with his dogs or move to Minnesota,those are things you discuss BEFORE marriage and not AFTER..She wanted a big fancy wedding but not the marriage..there was no marriage counseling before the wedding and they arent seeking any now. I respect Kim as a business woman but she needs to make better choices for HERSELF,take a break from the spotlight and stay single!

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