Put On Blast: Kathie Lee Gifford Says Khloe Told Her At Kim’s Wedding “I Give It _______ Effin Months”

- By Bossip Staff

You know Khloe Kardashian-Odom does nothing if not speak her mind. Especially when it comes to her sisters and their love lives.

During the Today Show’s continued coverage of the Kimmy Cakes’ Nightmare Divorce, Kathie Lee Gifford dropped this little tidbit:

“At the reception afterwards, Khloe, who always says what she thinks, walked by me and said … I give it six effing months,” Kathie Lee reported.

Of course, we all know Khloe made it no secret that she wasn’t feeling Bumphries and didn’t trust his and Kim’s instant love as far as she could throw it. But is Kathie Lee out of pocket for sharing this with the world?


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  • givmeabrek

    Nah she wasn’t wrong……her family knew from the jump it wasn’t gonna last…..but its Kim K their “jackpot” so they hav to roll wit whateva peaks her ntrest at that time so the can get a paycheck…..n what beteer than Khloe O to tell it like it is ova nonstop flowing Champaigne

  • lalaland

    Well it’s not like khloe made it a secret that she didn’t like him. Big surprise.

  • nikki

    khloe needs the “ho sit down” because she married Lamar after 1 month. Her marriage was a set-up too, it just turned out that she and lamer began to like each other and mama kris has that cash cow flowing, that’s why they’re still together.

  • bombshell

    No Kathy Lee was not wrong. She’s wrong for just now disclosing this. Its no secret Khloe was not happy for KimK and was uber envious of Kims ring. I wouldn’t be surprised if Khloe is tweeting “support my sister” but secretly laughing behind her back. Give it time…Khloe and Lamar are NEXT! Kourtney and Scott are going to unexpectantly ride off into the sunset to everyones dismay.

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