RiRi and Breezy Give Ne-Yo the Side-Eye

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Rumor has it that RiRi and Breezy are looking at Ne-yo like Obama was looking at Joe The Plumber:

Friends of low-key couple Chris Brown and Rihanna are learning their lesson! R&B singer Ne-Yo opened up to the UK’s Sun newspaper about the private couple on Oct. 13 saying, “At first I did question whether it was real, but I’m good friends with both of them and I know that they are in a genuine relationship.” Since then the hit maker, who wrote 20-year-old Rihanna’s hits Unfaithful and Take a Bow, is a mite miffed. “I heard recently they were a little upset with me,” Ne-Yo, 29, told OK! at the Vacheron Constantin event in NYC on Oct. 22. As for forcing Rihanna and Chris, 19, out of the romance closet? “I’ve never done anything of the sort,” he told us. “I think it might be pictures of them kissing that makes people think that.”

Let’s see here, he called Breezy tart and said his relationship with RiRi might not be real… but claims he’s good friends with them? Despite the fact that he’s right about the kissy face pics, Neyo is as suspect as a leather ‘fit in July to call them out like that. We hope this doesn’t come to blows, but who do you think would win in a scrap between musty Breezy and fish-mout’ Ne-yo?


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  • Hannibal

  • BG

    RI RI can get it all!!!

  • http://MySpace.com/Keia1st PrettyNikki

    I think Ne-Yo should not comment on any rumors since they seem to be all around him.

  • He's Presidential

    Why is that NeYo keeps Chris Brown’s name in his mouth.

  • BG

    Neyo soun din like a str8 BISH gossiping like a lil girl… who cares.. why are you even speaking on them???? What kinda shiz is that? HATER!

  • In a Minefield (with Clown Shoes On

    My God! Look at RiRi’s body! It is bangin baby!!

  • HP

    Neyo loves talking about Chris

  • Rock Witchu

    neyo wants chris, that’s why he’s always talking about him. but chris would whoop that queen’s ass if it ever came to blows.

  • Divalicious

    why do they even think we’d care if they are together or not, just like Bey and J, who cares!! admit it, and just come out,

  • Chi-Town

    This sounds like some Eddie Murphy, Jonny Gill Shiat!!!

  • I Voted!

    LMAO @ Neyo wanting Chris.


    Neyo gossips just like I do and I am straight GAY. A real dude wouldnt be all in a real mans business like NEYO is…C’mon Neyo Im ready for ya…Chris dont want ya but I will let you slob on rob.

  • pm

    Neyo is messy just like a female

  • DrmKpr

    He says they are made at him for talking about them and yet he’s still talking about them…. NeYo shut up!!!

  • DrmKpr

    He says they are mad at him for talking about them and yet he is STILL talking about them…. Ne Yo shut up!!!!

  • Lacombe Redbone (Let's Talk About Hate, Cause I Get Alot Of That!!)

    Why hide puppy love!?! Ain’t nothing wrong with that!!

    …just saying!

  • genuine



    @athena…same reason why u care what WE think!…dont be a hipocrite

  • Hannibal


  • Purpple

    Gay Men run they mouth way toooo much! Why he got they name all up in his mouth, he must want chris breezy. Them jean Riahanna got on is the business, they fit me perfectly.

  • sickofitt

    Wow Ne yo is loosing his hair damm how old is NeYo? So that’s why he always has on his little brothers hat.

  • Hannibal



  • woe

    neyo needs to get some media training or shut the hell up. He’s been running is mouth and then acts surprised when it comes back to him what a phony. Some things just need to be left unsaid or in private company not nationally.

  • Carl Winslow

    He has the same hairline as me!

  • lala

    lmao at carl winslow

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