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Don’t worry, Bieber, you’re not alone.

There are plenty of celebrities out there that have had to deal with crazy rumors about either having secret kids that they didn’t want anyone to know about or being the product of parents that didn’t want anyone to know. From Jigga to MiJack, the rumors have been going on for ages. Take a look.

Justin Bieber – Youngest first! We just broke the story that some random chick said she got it in with Biebs backstage for 30 seconds and he got her preggers. We’re not buying this for a second. But it’s hilarious!

Jay-Z – People have been saying Hov’s had babies for years. And it hasn’t stopped. People need to chill with the slick talk before he gets his Illuminati goons on you and start burning evidence.

Michael Jackson – From the moment MJ died, the rumors were spreading like crazy about this mysterious kid that nobody knew about. Well, his name is Omer Bhatti and the general consensus is that he’s Jackson’s son. How did he keep that a secret for so long?!

Mathew Knowles – The Knowles family was supposed to be some sort of wholesome Huxtable family of the future. Then we found out that Daddy Knowles was knee deep in hoo-ha and had an illegitimate secret child that he allegedly tried to pass on as Bey and Hov’s. That’s just nasty.

Karl Malone – Karl Malone had a few illegitimate, secret children in his life. He tried to deny his daughter until she came out looking just like him. But he still denies his NFL son. Yep, Malone is a horrible, horrible person.

Michael Jordan – Rumor has it that MJ paid a few million dollars to some woman if she promised that she’d never let it out that she got knocked up by him. So there’s probably some random Jordan kid out there in the world that we’ll never know about.

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Janet Jackson – For the last 10 or 15 years, people have been saying that Janet had a secret daughter. The girl even came out saying that Miss Jackson (if you nasty) is her mother. Those Jacksons are crazy about those kids!

The Governator – His marriage was ruined by his hidden child that he had with the help. Don’t isht where you sleep, Ah-nold. That’s just wild. His secret son has a hell of a life ahead of him.

LeBron James – This guy claimed to be LeBron’s dad for the better part of last year while trying to cake up on his “son’s” money. And it even went to court before his stupid claims were dismissed. C’mon, Bron. We already know that your mom likes younger, light-skinned furniture salesmen.



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