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In her latest court hearing, Hollyweird’s favorite Yayo Face, Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to a month in lockup for violating her probation terms. She also won’t have to go to jail right away, because the judge has given her a grace period to finish up her important work — disrobing for Playboy!

According to TMZ reports:

Judge Stephanie Sautner sentenced Lindsay Lohan to 30 days in jail at her hearing today for violating the terms of her probation.

Lindsay admitted she violated her probation by not attending therapy sessions as required by the court and by getting kicked out of the Downtown Women’s Center.

The judge now says ALL of Lindsay’s community service must now be served at the L.A. County Morgue. And the judge gave Lindsay a tight structure on how she must complete the rest of her probation, and if she doesn’t the judge will put a warrant out for her arrest and sentence her to an additional 270 days in jail.

As for the 30 days Lindsay is getting now — the judge made it clear … NO HOUSE ARREST.

The Sheriff’s Dept. tells us Lindsay will serve 20% of the 30 days — 6 days in jail.

Judge Stephanie Sautner gave Lindsay a strict schedule on completing the rest of her probation — by December 14, she must have completed 12 days at the morgue and 4 psychotherapy sessions. By January 17, another 12 days at morgue and 4 psychotherapy sessions. And so on. Everything must be completed by March 29 — or she goes directly to jail for 270 days.

The judge clearly thinks Lindsay needs a rigid structure to complete her sentence, and as the judge put it, Lindsay is holding the keys to the jail cell.

And the judge strongly suggested Lindsay stop tweeting about her experiences at the morgue.

At the end, Lindsay seemed happy, walking out of court saying, “Thank God,” under her breath.

Sources in the courtroom tell us that when the judge got off the bench she remarked about Lindsay, “She looks good today.”

Lohan was not immediately sent to jail because the judge decided to allow her time to complete her nude photo shoot for Playboy.

Sources directly connected with Lindsay say Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, told the judge in chambers that Lindsay had a contract with Playboy — a contract of nearly $1 million — and the shoot must be completed this week. If it isn’t, Lindsay would be in breach of her contract.

So Judge Stephanie Sautner cut LiLo a break … and gave her one week to surrender.

SMH @ them estimating that she’ll only do six days because of the jail overcrowding situation. This broad gets more breaks than anyone we know.

Finish this sentence. If Lindsay Lohan was black _____________________________!



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