For Discussion: Did Luda Go Too Far For Halloween?

- By Bossip Staff

Is this costume offensive or just old-fashioned fun.

Pictures recently hit the net of Luda and fiance Eudoxie’s Halloween costume that has Luda as some sort of hunter and her as with a leash around her neck. We dig the whole idea of dressing up together for Halloween, but this is kind of creepy. What do you think?

Do you think this is derogatory or just plain fun? Would you dress like this for your man? Men, would you be comfortable dressing your girl like this with a leash on her? Sound off!

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  • I like children

    Yeah he did and you shoud cll me so we can tlk bout it 907-764-1439

  • givmeabrek

    It’s all in fun let them be… are reading to much into it, its a costume party for HALLOWEEN!!!

  • Caligirl

    Let Luda be it’s just Halloween. OMG! Why make something out of nothing!?

  • BrookLynn

    I think he did it 4 attention plus Ice-T and CoCo do it all the time

  • Jamie Lynn

    I think it was very creative, and something different. I think they both look great.

  • College kidd

    Me and my bf are doing this next year lol

  • pi

    what’s luda suppose to be? A Ho’ wrangler/tamer?

  • Greg

    Didn’t 50 and Vivica pull this ish a few years back? I’m mad at Luda for not even being original in his objectification of women…

  • Isis

    Without the leash, yes. I can’t let that happen or b comfortable with that around my neck, I’d have to slap someone.

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