Mayor of Detroit is Beyond Scandalous

- By Bossip Staff

Posted By Bossip Staff

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick who has been dubbed the “Hip Hop Mayor” and is known for his wild mansion parties is caught up in yet another scandal. He is being sued by two former police bodyguards who alleges he ruined their careers after they launched an internal investigation into the mayor’s marital infidelities and misconduct by other security officers. One cop is claiming he had to flee the city because he feared for his life.

The testimony so far has been riveting: Already, two former officers have cried on the witness stand. There were stories of clandestine meetings between the mayor and women. And one cop said he was so scared of retaliation that he put on a bulletproof vest. “I knew that my career with Detroit Police was over,” former Officer Walt Harris said. “And I told two of my friends what I knew, because I knew I was either going to be murdered … or I had to get out of Detroit.”

Also today, a female Detroit police officer testified that the mayor urged her at a party “to take care of my boy” — a reference to his friend, Bobby Ferguson. “I thought it meant in a sexual way or date him or give him what he wanted,” said Officer Cathy Wright.

What in John Gotti Hell is going on in the city of Detroit? The mayor first made headlines a few years ago over a $25,ooo Navigator he leased for his wife with city money, and sources say that in another incident his wife allegedly showed up at one of the mayor’s mansion stripper parties and beat down one of the strippers. Months later the stripper was found dead outside of her house in a drive by shooting. Whether it’s true or not is questionable but it sounds like some ole’ Mafia madness to us.


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